Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 20&21-Arbonne 30 day challenge

Days 20 and 21
9 days left

Today, I weighed myself and was back down to where I was pre-gain from thanksgiving. I am down a total of 8 lbs. I have, officially, one more week on the challenge and I really want to kick my butt in gear in re to eating perfectly on time and no licks or tastes or anything off-plan (I have been really great though on the plan). I want to keep the scale moving downward SO badly.

I learned today that my carbs don't have to be at every meal and that I can skip them at dinner since I won't usually be burning them before dinner. Makes sense.

I tried a shake that was listed on the website and I didn't think I'd like it but figured I'd try. Well..
. I hated it lol. But, after talking to Molly, I figured out why
-I make it for a single serving and it should be 3 large cups in a big vitamix or blender (I made it in a bullet)
-The recipe was written without a key ingredient (half an apple).
my green shakes and my berry shake (mmm)

At any rate. I made two and tried them today. I wasn't going to waste my protein after I made it! So, I drank it. Maybe I'll try it again sometime!

Some small moments that made me proud today:
---We're having a potluck at school next week and I signed up for a salad and I'll bring my quinoa. Then, I'll have a perfect meal already made for myself!
---I passed up homemade heath bars in the office today. They looked pretty darn good but wouldn't have been worth it.
---Tonight, my cousin had a birthday party at Bottles and Bottega. It's a BYOB painting studio. Everyone brought a bottle of wine (I brought two and didn't drink any). My cousin brought shrimp (for me!) and cheese and crackers. I made a gorgeous veggie tray with hummus and pine nuts. I shouldn't have eaten the hummus but it was really clean so I ate it (at least I don't think I should've eaten it. It was dairy, gluten and soy free, though). I nibbled on that and then stepped away, with my water bottle in hand.

Small steps...and I keep going....

Eating plan today:
spin class recovery shake- 7:30
8:30-Breakfast shake
11:00-Lunch salad with veggies, shrimp, quinoa, avocado and oil
2:00- Shake
6:00-Salad with shrimp, avo, lots of veggies, pine nuts and olive oil
8:30- nibbles of shrimp, veggies and hummus.

Off to sleep. I had planned on going to barre and spin shred in the morning. I need SLEEP! Spin Shred for sure though!

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