Sunday, December 30, 2012

Health Living Jumpstart tips (From Arbonne)

Tonight, I sat on a conference call with some other Arbonne members. I have taken on The Arbonne Healthy Lifestyle over the past two months. In the upcoming month, I am going even deeper and working in conjunction with The Paleo Pledge and seeing where my journey takes me. With that said, the call gave me some fabulous tips and reminders.

Before going forward...

You don't have to know EVERYTHING about nutrition, health & fitness to start a healthy journey... START &learn as you go. We are ALL a work in progress!

Water, water, water!
-Our bodies are 90% water!
-We can go up to 100 days without food but only 4-6 days without water!
-By being 5% dehydrated, we can reduce our physical and mental functions by 30%!! Can you say, brain fog?!
There are many guidelines for this, drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I, personally, drink my body weight in water each day.

Top 3 nutrient dense foods that score a perfect 1,000 on the ANDI scale:
Collard Greens


*ANDI stands for "Aggregate Nutrient Density Index." An ANDI score shows the nutrient density of a food on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content. ANDI scores are calculated by evaluating an extensive range of micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidant capacities.

Cutting out Inflammatory foods:
dairy, gluten, soy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol and sugar
-Dairy, Wheat and Gluten are extremely inflammatory within your body
- 100% of us have sensitivities to some foods but the vast majority of us do not know what foods are inflammatory for us.

*Awareness is the first step to change*
Keep open minded. You'll learn new foods and new ways of looking at things and stay open to those changes.
-WRITE IT DOWN! Keep yourself accountable. It's best to write down what and when you eat so that you can keep yourself accountable and allow others to help see what you've been up to during the process.

Clean out your cabinets:
-The holidays just ended. WHY would you keep around foods to tempt you and hinder your success on the program?
-When you do go shopping again, stay focused on CLEAN, WHOLE, foods! Fresh produce is best!

10% is genetics, 10% is exercise and 80% is the food that you eat.
-Although, for me, I know that fitness is a much larger percentage than 10%. I MUST remain active and consistent with my workouts in order to see results.

Do it with LOVE:
If you don't stay open minded and find foods and workouts that you LOVE, then you aren't going to stick with it! I've been blessed to find Fit Girl Studio and Arbonne. I have foods that I love and taste great. I also have a fitness studio that gives me workouts that I truly LOVE. It doesn't seem like deprivation and it doesn't seem like work to workout either.

Workout recovery shakes:
-Recovery shakes are in ADDITION to your meals and help aide in recovery.
-Recovery shakes are typically- protein, water, ice, high glycemic fruit (you can also add cinnamon or coconut/almond milk)
-You must drink within 30 minutes of your workout
-Make sure that you've "earned" your shake but doing a sweat-breaking workout!
-The shakes are recommended rather than "whole food" because it gets into your body and balances out your blood sugar as quickly as possible.
*High Glycemic fruits: bananas, mango and pineapple.

Benefits of eating (clean) whole foods:
-Heal ongoing sinus infections
-Help eliminate brain-fog
-Boost energy
-Regulate digestion and bowels
Oh, and weight loss!

Keep track of your wins and share them with others. Grab someone else's arm and bring them along on the journey. Health and fitness is best achieved when you start with yourself and then inspire&help others.

Good luck in 2013 and let me know how *I* can help you achieve your goals!

How to Achieve Fitness Goals- By Fit Girl Studio

We're all looking forward to the start of a new year to either continue our goals with new motivation or start new goals for ourselves. Fit Girl Studio sent us an email with quite a few great suggestions on how to reach our goals and an added incentive: a great NYE Sale! Check this out:

Recommit to Fit in 2013 with Fit Girl Studio. 5 Tips to Keeping Your Fitness Goals.
BRING IT ON 2013!! At Fit Girl, we're uber determined to help you stick to your goals and achieve more in the new year.
So after the ball drops, don't drop the ball. Below are tips on how to stick to your fitness goals this year.
1. There is no time like the present! Looking too far in advance can be overwhelming. So, stop thinking "long term" and focus on today! In no time you'll have been consistently working out for days, weeks, months...
2. Buddy up. Grab a friend and workout or make a new one at the studio. Knowing someone is counting on you makes you more likely to stick with it, even on those days when you just don't want to.
3. Write it down. Let's see it: Do you want to fit into a smaller bridesmaid dress by Spring? Perhaps rock 5 push-ups on your toes? Then take your written goal and post it where you'll see it everyday, like the refrigerator. My goals are posted on my make-up mirror.
4. Get real. Don't set yourself up for defeat with unrealistic goals.
5. Finally, just go for it! What do you have to lose? Make a commitment for three to six days of working out a week. Don't let anything stop you.
Save up to 40%
NYE Commit to Fit SALE!
Monthly Unlimited Auto-Pay for $120
20 Class Pack for $250

But hurry Fit Girl, specials are only available while 2012 lasts! Buy online or in studio!

No further discounts apply. Contracts and packages start on first date of attendance. Auto-pay is a 3 month commitment and only available for new Auto-Pay contracts. 20 Class Pack expires 5/30/13.

Offer Expires 12/31/2012.

Let the ladies know that Fit Girl in Progress sent you!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spin Class Review- Carnival freedom cruise ship 12/25/12

I cannot get MY pictures to upload but these are the exact bikes that we used (image is from a cruise review board)-except they were very old and they were lined up in the open gym...

One of the first things that I did on the ship was to sign up for spin classes on our days at sea (2 days). I was a bit leery when I saw the bikes. But, I wanted to take class bad enough to make sure that I got some cardio in! It's always easier for me to get my cardio in during a class or a run outside ( not that easy to do on a ship. I cruise A LOT and some ships have space- others do not).

I got to class early and snagged a bike. Oh, maybe I should mention that the bikes were set up out in the open in the main gym with full lights on. My first bike had a pedal that was bent and turned in. I was riding with my knee turned and knew that wasn't going to work. I asked the instructor to help. He changed my bike out and I got on the new one and asked him to help me fix my handle bars. He was annoyed the I was holding up the class and couldn't figure out how to use the "special key" (wench) to adjust my handles up! I finally got on only to notice that the cage was bent again ! I told him and he said just fix the strap. I did and that was clearly not the problem. He went ahead and started anyway (awesome). I was left to figure it out on my own .

The ride was confusing, painful , easy and yet had moves that did not seem safe. I was annoyed at the people talking loudly in the gym, bright lights and the girl that randomly joined the class on the bike next to me with 5 minutes to go.

Needless to say- I left feeling unimpressed and missing my studio (fit girl studio) a lot!

One positive move I learned:
"Squats to hover"
--stay with hands in 3 and basically jump from 2/3 to a hover (hence the. "Squats") and then sprinting it out in a hover. We did a few rounds of this.

I tried to go into the class open minded. I got frustrated when I felt like I was going to get injured. Finally I realized though that I just needed to take it at my own pace and do what felt right. Many of the participants had never taken spin and didn't know the difference. For me, I knew that I was better off keeping my money and training by myself ;)

The art of food a fit girl.

Just as you, my fellow fit girls (and guys), have joined me on my journey of nutrition, fitness, health and happiness- my family has too! I come from a pretty health conscious and active family. Some family members (sister, dad and mom) even have/have had jobs in health and fitness .

On the first day of our annual winter family cruise, I started taking pictures of my food at dinner. My cousins (@jxram & @sb_weinstein ) jokingly called out , "eat clean ! 'hashtag fit fam ! oh yeah! ... And by the way, you should really reconsider taking better pictures of your food, Fit Girl!" I looked puzzled and immediately said, " yeah, they're not always the best..." My cousins both chimed in(each known to take pictures of their food at any dining establishment.) with, "that's for sure!" My response, "well... The lunch ones are the worst because they're in a Tupperware and.." "... And they're too close." The conversation continued and I learned that not only are the pictures too close, my recipes make people NOT want to try them and some "make dog food look more appealing." Awesome! Whatever ego I had had just been crushed. Maybe cousins don't put things so nicely -haha. I spent the rest of the trip learning how to angle my camera, add garnish and get "the best shot."

So, for the days and weeks to come- lookout for better pictures alongside my posts ;) !

... Always in progress!

Crusing as a Fit Girl (in progress)

This week, my family went on our annual winter cruise. I seem to be on a new "diet" every year on the cruise and ass dieting to food allergies (wheat/gluten), traveling can be an emotional mess. This year was different; I'm not on a diet. I wasn't counting calories or measuring my food. I had a plan (to use 1-2 shakes a day and get active every day. I also wanted to refrain from wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, sugar and anything processed) and tried to stick to it. I had some slip-ups and didn't eat my best. I indulged in sugar a few nights, didn't get a real workout in one day and certainly didn't get my shakes in like I would've liked. With that said, I lived a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Fit Girl Studio and Arbonne gave me the tools this year to make healthy choices and still have a good time.

I did beat myself up a bit. But, it was the day after indulging in sugar (big time) and not getting a workout in. I had to remind myself of that and remind myself that it just goes to show how far I've come... And what clean eating and keeping active can do for you!
I kept a very detailed log of my eating and workouts in order to keep myself accountable but also to show others that you can eat clean while traveling (even if its on a cruise with buffets, drinking and endless sweets all around).

After my week of living, and some indulgences- I'm ready to kick my butt into gear. I still have New Year's Eve and I don't go back home to Chicago for another 6 days- but I'm certainly ready to get back into my routine! ... And get some detox juice and a nice long run in!

Monday- December 24

930 Egg white omm- apple- almonds

1230- salad w mahi and shrimp (protein) and olive oil (fat)and mango(carbs)

5- protein and super greens
630-2 eggplant sushi rolls

830-9--Melon and Prosciutto, gluten free pasta (barely ate any) and seafood, polenta and veggies and berries.

Workout: 2+ mile walk and 25 mins of arms, squats on the bosu and barre point exercises.

Tuesday - December 25

930-egg whites with spinach and onions. 2 pieces of bacon (hey- I had to live! I don't even usually eat pork but I was craving it!) and an apple with peanut butter and walnuts. I had a fit chew after to help curb any temptations of eating extra (unnecessary junk) food that was sitting on the table.

1:30- 4 pieces of sushi (Crab and avocado- gluten free), small Mongolian beef salad (only ate half of the meat. Salad dressing on the side. It was made with honey, orange and olive oil) and raspberries.

4:30- protein shake with super greens

8:30- two oysters with steamed spinach, shrimp cocktail (5 small shrimp), 6 jumbo shrimp with garlic sauce,steamed veggies and a quarter cup of sweet potatoes plain. Dessert: berries and green tea.

Workout: morning spin class (40 mins) in the afternoon, i did my holiday hottie workout and weights

Wednesday - December 26

9:30am- chocolate protein shake with super greens (dehydrated greens in powder form from Trader Joes)

11:00am- 100 calorie pack of almonds and walnuts.

12:00- fresh coconut water after a great workout on the beach!

3:00pm - (such a long gap in eating! Waited until I got back to the ship to eat.) salad with beans, beets, grilled mushrooms and onions, broccoli and a tiny bit of steamed chicken. Apple and fit chew after.

7:00- 3 pieces crab/avocado roll

8:30pm-shrimp, carrots, broccoli and berries

morning workout- 20 min HIIT with weights
Afternoon workout- i had my workout gear with me so i changes out of my bathing suit and did 20 min run on the beach (barefoot in the water is super challenging!) with two stops for squats and push-ups. Also got in a nice 20 minute walk on the beach.
Post-workout with my coconut water (REAL coconut water!) on the beach in Grand Cayman

Thursday - December 27

(We had an early wake up call for a zip lining and tubing tour in Jamaica and I didn't plan ahead to workout or eat early)

8:00-green apple and almonds

12:00pm- 100 cal pack of almonds and walnuts

1:30pm- banana

3:30pm-6oz chicken, lettuce, mushrooms and onions (grilled) and (total mistake) three fork-fulls of tuna salad (bad because it was mayo/dairy loaded).

7:00-10:00 pm-
We went to the special steakhouse tonight...
French onion soup( dairy and gluten free with just onions and broth.
Salad- spinach, a few crumbles of fresh bacon, avocado, lemon and olive oil.
Surf and turf- 3oz filet and 3 oz Chilean sea bass with steamed spinach
Dessert- total indulgence! I asked if the chef could make SOMETHING other than berries-- they brought me a plate with grilled peaches, two chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate fudge type dish with berries in it (all dairy and gluten free). I was in heaven and even though I have been saving dessert for the last night ( I preorder my food and already ordered it for tomorrow) and have certainly been avoiding all sugar for nearly two months-- I loved it. Sweets are heavenly- it's the truth.

*I've decided that blueberries are one of my all time favorite fruits!

Workout: no workout. I considered all of the paddling that I did on the rapid tubing tour and our mini hike my workout. I don't think anyone in the family worked out today.

Friday- December 28

9:30am- egg white omelette with veggies- green apple

11:30am- green apple with peanut butter

12:45pm- salad with Mongolian dressing (made to order - honey, olive oil and orange)
-Halibut and a few slices zucchini
-berries (1cup of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries)

2:45pm- 3 slices of pineapple (there was a huge chocolate extravaganza bar and fondue and its the best I could do to curb my craving)

**felt extremely "fat" (yes, I have fat days, too!) lethargic and had a headache this afternoon. I know it's the sugar that I've been eating and I can SEE and FEEL the difference when I don't have it! I also know that I've eat so much food (not "bad" but the sheer amount of food) and I'm not used to it.

-small portobello appetizer
- iceberg lettuce with 6 small shrimp, olive oil and lemon juice
- broccoli and carrots ( had eggplant/zucchini "Parmesan"-gluten and dairy free- but it was tasteless so I didn't eat it)
Dessert- what I waited for my whole trip: flourless chocolate cake with berries (gluten and dairy free- I think the chef used soy milk). I was in heaven and also thankful that I didn't order it my first night or I would've wanted it every day! I did leave a few bites on my plate. I did it to kinda prove to myself that I could resist temptation ;)

Workout: 30 min HIIT with weights added and 15 minutes on the stairclimber. I felt so much better after a nice workout. It reminded me that I'm doing alright and that I'm on the right track. I'm a fit girl (in progress) in a fat-laden world and I've truly made huge strides in my lifestyle.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Day one of our winter cruise: Fit Girl Style

Yesterday was our first day on our annual cruise. I've "dieted" many times over on cruises but thus year is different. It's not that I'm dieting, it's that I've made a completely lifestyle change.

On this vacation I'm determined to eat clean, stay focused and workout daily. So, here's how my first day went:

I started my morning out with my normal protein shake, fruit and nuts. I packed my bag full of all ingredients so that I'd have no reason to fall off track while away.

Once we got on board, what is the center of focus for the next week? Food! So, off to the buffet with 14 family members. I got immediately frustrated bc none of the protein was gluten free. I had a whimsy salad with beans, grilled veggies, lox and deli turkey (eeks) and an apple. After I finished up, I decided to have a protein shake to hold me over .

My family gathered and relaxed in the sun until after we left and then it was gym time! I headed to the gym and realized that my iPod was dead and the speakers on the TVs didn't work that well-- not too great for cardio for this girl! So, I hopped off of the treadmill and grabbed a bosu ball and weights. I did a modified version of the holiday hottie workout. I added the bosu ball for squats and weight work to add an extra challenge. I only did a 25 min workout and was dripping sweat. I left feeling super proud.

Dinner was most certainly a challenge. I did however have help from a dietary specialist who lets me know what's gluten and dairy free. She helps you customize items so that you can still enjoy.

Apps: sushi (asparagus and portobello mushroom) and shrimp cocktail

Soup: gazpacho

Dinner: tilapia, grilled veggies and carrots (in a honey sauce? Sugar?) and asparagus. I housed my entire meal. I was absolutely starving when it came.

Fruit: berries and tea

All in all-- I did a great job, I just had a LOT more food than usual.

Today we are in Key West (hence why I'm still updating). I plan on hanging out with family at the bars and doing a lot of walking. After, I'll either put on my running shoes and pound the pavement or do a workout in the gym.

Have a happy and healthy holiday if you're celebrating!

Ps: I also signed up for 2 spin classes while on board! I'll let ya know how it is!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm living--- it's a lifestyle!

I've made living healthy and fit a lifestyle. It isn't a diet. It isn't about counting calories and then rushing to burn them off at studio. I work my butt off and I eat clean and I feel good. It's kind of that simple. Yeah, I use protein (I found one that WORKS for me and feels clean to me) and restrict my eating (I cut out sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy and soy) BUT I LIVE!

My vacation started a few days ago. I'm at my parent's house before we head off for a cruise for a week. My husband got in today and I went to Moe's for a quick lunch before heading to the mall. I checked their allergy paper (I am allergic to gluten and have a sensitivity to dairy) to see what I could eat. I made a clean salad (some things had soy but I ate it anyway). I did what I could with what I had. I wasn't going to NOT eat- I LIVED and ate a (relatively) clean meal.

This afternoon, I was tired! I wanted to head back to the mall to exchange something with my husband but knew I could either take a nap before or workout. I always feel better after working out so I put my workout clothes on and did my Holiday Hottie workout from Fit Girl Studio (it did help that Michelle tweeted about the workout and asked if anyone had tried it yet. I had to do it after I saw that and realized that I didn't try it yet!) I couldn't believe how exhausted I was from 20 minutes of working out at HIIT! I was tired before but felt great after- I LIVED.
DRIPPING sweat after my HIIT workout! Thanks, Fit Girl Studio!

Tonight, instead of going out to dinner, my mom made a dinner at home for my husband's birthday. She made salmon, chicken, asparagus, clean guacamole and squash. I ate balanced (I put chicken, squash, asparagus and guacamole on top of a bed of spinach lettuce) and I LIVED my healthy lifestyle. I didn't push it on anyone else, but we made a great (clean) meal and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Now, we're heading to a bar/restaurant to get my hubby's favorite dessert. I will NOT be eating any dessert because it's ice cream (dairy), brownies (gluten) and covered in sauces (sugar). I will feel sick for days after and it's just not worth it. I'll be in great company and I'll be perfectly content sipping on my water.

Today, I LIVED a CLEAN, HEALTHY AND FIT LIFE and I'm very content :)

Has clean-living and fitness become part of your lifestyle? What are some little things that you notice and think, "Wow! I sure have changed my lifestyle!"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Hottie Workout by Fit Girl Studio


The following is an email that I received from the co-owner of Fit Girl Studio (Michelle). I was so excited to recieve this email because many fit girls have been asking for at-home workouts. I know, for me, I've been anxious about my workouts while I'm away. I am SO thankful to be on vacation but a bit nervous about being away from my routine and the studio for so long. So… Here it is Michelle's holiday workout parentheses with my pictures added to help explain each. I decided to go for a run tonight (my last blog post) so I'll either check this out tonight or tomorrow morning and post exactly how much it kicked my butt ;) . Enjoy, it girls!

Don't forget: were all the girls parentheses in progress parentheses; it's all about progress…not perfection!
Fit Girl's Holiday Hottie Express 2012


Up on the Roof Top - 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Starting in a perfect straight arm plank, run your knees to your chest with speed! Up, up, up you go!
image copyright:
Down the Chimney - 20 Squats
Stand with feet slightly wider than your hips. Send your booty low to the floor in two SLOW counts and two counts back up. Extra points for hands above your head!
I think it's equal to high knees? image copyright:
Fast Feet to the Tree - 30 seconds Football Run in Place
Run it out Fit Girl, run!
Star Tree Topper Jumps - 20 Star Jumps
Stand with feet together and hands hovering shoulders. As you jump, spread arms and legs apart like a BIG BEAUTIFUL STAR. Return to starting position and keep it moving.
image copyright:
Snow Shovel Lunge - 20 Each Leg
Lunge forward left leg. As you lunge bring both arms straight across your body and reach low past the outside of the left thigh. As you return to the starting position "throw" the snow over your right shoulder. Keep lunging/digging until you get 20 on the left. Repeat on right side.
image copyright:
Mogul Downhill Ski - 30 seconds
Keeping the feet and legs tight, slightly bend your knees. Bring elbows to your hips with your arms in a 90 degree angle. Jump turning to your left, jump to the right, left, right....
image copyright:
Dance Like a Sugar Plum Fairy - 30 seconds
On your highest tippy toes, like a ballerina, alternate to bring your feet off the ground one at a time. Bring arms to a circle in front of your body and then lift arms up overhead then lower down to thighs. Move it twinkle toes, you want it to feel like you are floating through air!

image copyright:ttp://

Candy Cane Crunch - 60 seconds
Sit with your upper body in a C- Curve position and straighten both legs out in front of you (make your body into a "candy cane shape"). From here, point your toes and lift your feet of the floor. Flutter kick your straightest legs keeping them off the floor. Stabilize your core pulling abs in tight to restrict movement in the upper body.
Repeat 2 times if you've been GOOD this year.
3 times if you're on the NAUGHTY list. Be honest, Fit Girl - I'm watching!
A note from Michelle:
Lastly, please let loose and have a little fun with this. OH and def enjoy this with your family too. 'Tis the season, they'll LOVE you for it.
Wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday. Know that I'm always available to answer your personal fitness questions, provide tips, modifications, or advice. Just holler and I'm yours!

Just a lil 5 mile jog... *an ah-ha moment!*

So, I just got home from a lil 5 mile jog.

*Let me preface this by saying that when I started out, I was so tired that I turned around and headed home only to decide to run up to the track near my parents house to get at least a mile in...*

During my run, I was going pretty slow. I start talking negative to myself sometime in my head. This time, when I started telling myself those negative things, I literally started to talk to myself. I started saying saying, "Shut up, Lori! You're DOING IT. You're running. Who cares if you're slow- you'll finish your run and 'at least you're lapping everyone that's on the couch!'"

As I headed back to my parent's house, I started to have de'ja vu. I remembered back to high school when I could barely run to park by my parent's house. I remember how much pain I would be in. I remembered how red my face would get. I thought about the times that I wanted to puke from pure exhaustion (it was only .75 mile!). I always TRIED. I always WANTED to be FIT, but I wasn't.  I danced. I did swim team and tennis team. I worked out at the gym, but I never stuck with it consistently enough to see true results or become truly FIT.

 Today, I got out there, exhausted, and jogged the whole neighborhood, ran a mile at the track, ran up to the park, around the park and the lake (twice) and back home. I finished 5.2 miles later and felt fabulous. I have a long way to go- that's why my little blog is called "Fit Girl in Progress," but that's exactly it...I've made a LOT of progress and I do amaze myself sometimes.

Have you had an "ah-ha moment" or a "light bulb moment" in regards to your fitness progress? Share it with us, Fit Girls (and guys)!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 411 on Paleo and MY Paleo Pledge

In January, I'm starting The Paleo Pledge, under the supervision of Kelly (a registered dietician). Kelly runs Paleo Infused and is also a fellow Fit Girl.

I am NOT doing this in place of my Arbonne program. This is NOT a new "fad diet" that I'm trying but rather working in conjunction on another step of my health journey. I have wanted to try Paleo for a while and discussed this idea with my Arbonne mentors (Molly and Jennifer) and with Kelly (from Paleo Infused). While Paleo does typically cut out grains and legumes (meaning that I would cut out my protein shakes because they contain pea protein -peas=legumes), I know that I want to continue my shakes on my journey. With that said, I am going to stick to a version of Paleo (cutting out my other grains) and see how it works for me.

Along this journey, I think back to when Jennifer first told me about how she had been "practicing" this lifestyle for about a year and a half. I've come to a place where I'm constantly learning and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all. I feel content in "practicing" a lifestyle of health and excited to learn more about my health, nutrition and body on this Paleo Pledge in Janaruy.

Here is some information about what a Paleo "diet"/program is and what The Paleo Pledge is (from The Pledges start at the beginning of each month and is $30 (if you reigster by the 20th of the month-$50 thereafter).

Hope to see some of you on my journey!
*Note: the Pledge can be done from anywhere- you do not need to reside in Chicago :)

What Does Paleo Infused Nutrition Mean?
Paleo: Paleo comes from the word paleolithic, which in brief means ancestral and prehistoric.
Infused: Infused means to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better.
Nutrition: Nutrition is the bounty of our health and describes the entity of Paleo Infused Nutrition.
Paleo Infused Nutrition:
Put it all together and therein lies the foundation of my company – educating clients on how to achieve optimal health based on eating in accordance with historical human nutrition (reprogramming our epigenetics) and overcoming today’s social pressures and the food industry (conventional wisdom) and reaching personal health goals. We have a rich cuisine, as this is great within itself, but we are out of touch of our roots. With conflicting health and nutrition advice in the media and in varying health professionals, I ensure to simplify my counseling so it makes complete sense and it hard to forget.
Paleo Infused Nutrition is focused on helping others, including the average person looking for improved health and those who have been diagnosed with a medical condition, to change their lifestyle, leading to a long and positive quality of life, season after season.
There are two main guidelines to my Paleo Infused Nutrition lifestyle:
  1. eat whole, nutrient-dense food
  2. reduce/avoid processed, refined foods – grains (including “whole grains”), legumes, pasteurized dairy and sugar.
Usually the biggest red flag in the above guidelines are the avoidance of grains. While I do not intend to strip all grains from one’s diet, I will help my clients understand a new perspective on these industrialized foods. And with grain’s modest nutrition profile, their propensity to trigger food intolerances (gluten and grains), carbohydrate cravings, addictions, binges and their limited serving of fiber, it is hard for me to suggest grains to be part of someone’s every meal or snack.
While the above guidelines are simple in script, they take adjustments to apply. That is what I am here for – to help coach you, educate you, empower you to be your best, eat your best and feel your best.

Paleo Infused Nutrition Pledge
Do you feel like you have tried everything to shed those lingering stubborn pounds? Or are you frustrated with a sensitive digestive system? How about your blood sugar? Do you get irritable when it’s been 2-3 hours without eating? Perhaps you too have diabetes and want to improve your A1C. Or are you trying to conceive and it’s been taking longer than desired? Do you fight sugar and carbohydrate cravings daily? Perhaps you have been eating a primal diet for awhile, but some neolithic foods have been showing up more than you want.
If you have said yes to any of the above, perhaps a Paleo Infused Nutrition Pledge is what you need. Starting the first of every month, join a small community-based team to reach your health goals and pledge to eat clean.
Overall, this is a commitment you make to yourself and RD, Kelly Schmidt, with set health and diet-related objectives.
  • RD will help coach you to eat foods clean of sugar, gluten, lectins and processed foods for 4 weeks.
  • RD will provide nutrition guidelines for the pledge
  • Provide daily motivation and tips
  • Support via a team forum with other people on a similar journey
  • Q&A sessions
  • Meal plan guidance.
This is a great way to reprogram your epigenetics, strengthen your immune system, detox naturally and optimize your body composition. Most clients find this is a great way to get them back on track and incorporate new healthy habits.
Expectations during this 4 week program include:
Better sleep, decreased inflammation, better (performance) recovery, diminished anxiety, weight loss, higher energy, increased fertility, better blood sugar control, better digestion and more. This program can help educate you on how to amend your lifestyle to be your best person now and beyond the 28 days of the pledge.
Depending on where you are coming from, you can choose to do one of the follow plans:
  • Basic
  • Weight loss
  • Auto-immune protocol
  • Digestive health protocol
  • Performance
Kelly’s mission is to inspire and motivate you to find your own healthy balance through proper nutrition leaving you to feel empowered to embrace all that life has to offer. Please select which plan is ideal for you and contact Kelly at A $20 discount is implemented for those who sign-up by the 20th of each month. List price is $50.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

This morning I had a 7am flight to catch down to Florida. This meant waking up at 4:30. I contemplated making my shake before I went to bed -- that didn't happen. Instead, I threw a bag of almonds in my purse and figured I'd make a shake in the morning. That didn't happen either lol.

By the time I got to the airport, I was starving!! I had accidentally (what was I think?! Oh wait, I wasn't!) packed ALL of my health essentials (chews, sticks, protein, nuts) in my suitcase and not my carry-on.

I walked around the food court to see if anywhere had egg whites. I found a place and asked them to make me an egg white omelette with mushrooms, onions and peppers. She was puzzled and kept confirming, "No cheese? No meat? No potatoes or bread either?"

When the omelette finally came out it was super heavy. I walked over to a table and sat down to eat it. When I opened it up it was completely covered with cheese. It looked almost like cheese sauce. There was no way I could eat it! I took it back and she re-made it because she knew I had asked for no cheese. The problem? When it came back the second time it had regular eggs and tasted terrible! I took two bites and threw it away.
gag! Airport omelette the size of a takeout box!

I was still SO hungry though. I settled for a huge water and a "Kind" bar. It's clean and relatively no added ingredients other than fruit and nuts. Needless to say, my stomach was killing me for the rest of the day. You live and learn but I also realize...
"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!"
I certainly felt this way today!

Thankful that my mom had an apple and water waiting for my in the car and also made a healthy/balanced dinner tonight.
Chicken &veggie stir fry (don't usually eat corn but that's okay) with spinach and pine nut salad!

Oh and the best thing: I had a shipment of Arbonne products sent to my parents house: protein, fizzy sticks, chews, tea and a 7 day cleanse!
All of my goodies are out of boxes and ready for the cruise!

What's your experience with traveling and staying clean and fit? Any tips or suggestions to help a Fit Girl out?

Tomorrow, I will post about my at-home workout routine while I'm on vacation!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boyband Spin w/ Sarah!

 Photo: Every girl deserves a lil boy band in her life. Come get your fill in #spin tomorrow night in LP with Sarah at 6:30p.
About two month ago, when I started at Fit Girl Studio, I was mentioning to Sarah (a spin instructor at Fit Girl) that I ALWAYS sing along to the songs in class. She laughed and said that we should do a singalong spin (or as Sarah calls it- Spin-a-aroke). She asked me if I had any ideas for themes. I said immediately said, "Boyband Spin!" I also came up with pop spin, holiday spin and decades spin.

Well, ladies and gentlemen...tonight... we Sarah gifted us with a fabulous holiday gift: Boyband Spin!

We jumped, sprinted, jogged and peddled our way through:
Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees
One Direction
...and more!

The toughest part of class:
-During the song, "I Want It That Way" we were doing a climb and Sarah had us turn up the resistance every time they sang, "Tell me why!" Did you ever realize that they say it like 9 times in the middle of the song?! OMG! BURN!

Things that made me feel old:
1. Sarah saying that she didn't really know many NKOTB songs.
2. When Sarah mentioned that she remembered the song, "Bye, Bye, Bye!" by the music video where they were all dolls-- in my head I corrected her, "No, that was 'No String Attached.' This is the 'dance' song." Yeah, I was an N*Sync fan for sure! But, I was a bit older than 3rd grade (boo!)

Italian Omelette

I am off work (school) for break and decided to make myself a homecooked breakfast instead of a protein shake this morning!

I studied in Italy and Italian spices (basil in particular) are some of my favorite tastes and smells ever! So, this Italian omelette was perfect for my morning and helping my reminise about my time spend studying in Italia.

Italian Omelette


  • Egg whites
  • Olive oil (for sauteing veggies and also for the eggs)
  • Spinach
  • All natural sun dried tomatoes (trader joes is great)
  • Pine Nuts
  • Basil (Fresh is best)
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Avocado

  • Heat up olive oil
  • Saute garlic, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and basil together in a pan
  • Set the veggies aside
  • Heat up oil in a pan and add egg whites
  • Once cooked 3/4 of the way, add veggie mixture and some fresh spinach
  • Fold omelette over
  • Put atop a bed of spinach lettuce
  • Top with avocado, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes

Monday, December 17, 2012

Creamy (no-mayo) tuna salad! (gluten, dairy and soy free)

I was searching for a clean meal that didn't involve me making chicken or thawing some of my shrimp. I went to: TUNA! But, if you're like me- growing up with tuna meant that it was smothered in mayo (yes, mom- you did use light or fat-free...) and if it was in a salad, I put ranch dressing on top of it. I haven't done THAT in a LONG time. Two things helped me to come up with this recipe:

1. Forty-Carrots at Bloomingdales has a delicious no-mayo tuna (although, I'm not sure what they use in it! I know it's gluten free and they use lemon).
2. I kept hearing a commercial about the goodness that we call avocados and the person was discussing making creamy tuna salad with avocados for lunch.

When I searched for a recipe, I couldn't find something that I liked. Therefore, I marched to my kitchen and dug out what I had and mixed up this flavorful Creamy (no-mayo) Tuna Salad:


  • 1/2 ripe avocado
  • 1 tablespoons olive oil (I used garlic olive oil)
  • 1 can of tuna (Try looking for low/no sodium)
  • 1 lemon wedge (I used my True Lemon packet by True Citrus)
  • Pepper
  • Basil
  • Any other toppings to put inside your tuna (ideas: onions, celery, mushrooms)

  • Mix all ingredients together.
  •  I ALWAYS let my tuna salad sit in the fridge for a half hour-hour before eating it. I feel like it helps the flavors come together (but maybe that's just me)
  • Set tuna atop a bed of spinach lettuce
  • Add your favorite nuts
  • Enjoy a CLEAN tuna salad. Yum-o! 
If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!