Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ballet Body Bootcamp!

I was SO bummed today when I woke up and looked at my phone to see that I guess I didn't register for SpinShred. It was in gray on my iPhone app and looked like it was fully booked and I couldn't sign up. Boo! I decided to take Ballet Body Bootcamp today and when I got there I told Liz and Michelle that I was sad that I couldn't go SpinShred. They looked at my like I was crazy and said, "um, you were signed up!" Ahhh! Bummer! Anyway, I had the pleasure of taking Ballet Body Bootcamp with Ms. Gina, who is a new instructor at Fit Girl. It was hardcore!

BBBC,or better known in my posts as Bootcamp Torture, is already high intensity. At my beginning of class, I was thinking, "Oh this is going to be EASY!" Gina did many poses and movements with short reps. I was thinking that it was great and would be easy because we were switching so often! However, we were non-stop the entire class! The most insane was a cardio tabata workout of 8 intervals or burpees. I have such a hard time with these. I do them. But, I need to stand sideways sometime and see my posture in the mirror. I feel like I look absolutely ridiculous. We did EIGHT intervals of 20-30 seconds and then 10 seconds off. It was HARD!

We also ended with starjumps (which I did in Sculpt with Lindsay) at the end.
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Okay, they may look easy but let me tell you something, they're SO challenging! I felt like the uncoordinated fat-girl doing them! Not only were we all exhausted beyond words, but I just couldn't do them. I tried doing quick tiny jacks instead, just to keep up. Gina came over and told me to do more of a step out with one leg and my arms up (modification). It was then that I REALLY felt like a fat kid. I know she was just trying to help, thanks Gina, but I can't help that I felt that way! Sighhh. I got over it and realized that she was just helping me do a modification and be successful. I finishd the class and felt good.   

My newest goal:
master star jumps in the month of December! ;)
Hope my downstairs neighbors don't hate me! 

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