Monday, December 10, 2012

How to reduce backpain during and post workout!

I was experiencing some lower back pain the past few days. It came on quickly and pretty intense. I couldn't figure out what I did. I was thinking that I either didn't stretch enough from spinning or over extended myself somehow.

I spoke to Amy about what I could do and she recommended some stretches on the barre. She also suggested that I raise my handles during spin class. I raised them from a level5 to a level 7- it seemed high but really did the trick. Along with that and a lot of stretching, my back is feeling a lot better this evening.

So, here it list of tips and tricks to prevent and reduce back pain during and post workouts:

Posture, posture, posture:

Don't forget your posture, even when you're tired. In nearly every carido activity, it's impotrant to have:
your back straight
yourhead held high
your shoulders rolled down and back (away from your ears)
arms and hands loose
and gaze forward
---this goes for running, working out on the elliptical and a spin bike (of course unless you're in third position).

Know your numbers:
If you're on a bike or elliptical, know your numbers. Know where you should be at and what FEELS good for you. If you're in spin class, do not assume that you know how to adjust the bike. EVERY studio is different. Generally speaking, you want the seat at hip height. When you're on the bike and have your one leg straight on stroke you should still have a micro-bend in the knee. Your handle bars should be at whatever height feels good for you. The higher they are, the less strain on your back. ASK FOR HELP to figure out what is best for you an

Learn the right stretches:
Cat to cow: This is a yoga post and can be done on the floor, ballet barre or a chair...
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Pigeon. Keep in mind you’ll want to repeat on both sides, but start in Down Dog.  Bring your right knee through to meet your hands. So your front knee is slightly bent and the foot is flexed. Ideally your hips are square, facing in front of you.

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Happy stretching, fit girls!!

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