Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 26-Arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 26
4 more days
weight: back down to a total of 9 lbs gone

I've been super down the past few days with struggling with the scale. It's hard to stay focused on the real goal of this journey sometimes- it's not all about weightloss. It's about getting healthy and in the process losing weight. It's also about finding myself in a happier, more clean and healthier place.

Today, Molly told me to focus less on the scale and more on how I FEEL each day and journal today. Well... today, I felt ANGRY. I felt ANGRY that I am somehow sabatoging myself and that I'm feeling mentally too weak to get past this barrier of never being thin. Blah, blah, blah...this fit girl talks way too much about sappy, self-pitty, emotional stuff... I'm sure you're all thinking that, but it's okay. I've decided that I'm hiding my scale. Well, telling my husband to hide the scale. I don't know if I can go a whole week without weighing myself but I will try not to weigh myself for 3 days (Saturday). It's a start.

I was proud of myself for making a salad for the pot luck today and my quinoa stuffing. Every bite was eaten, so I suppose you could say that it was a hit! I was also happy to have an easy time at lunch! I didn't have a single urge to eat the fatty mac-n-cheese, pizza or cupcakes. I did however have a scoop of frosting with my berries for dessert. It actually tasted really funny- maybe because I haven't had sugar in a long time. I guess that's good.

Food log for today:
740- shake (2 scoops , .25 c berries, 1 c spinach, 1 tbsp of almonds, 1 scoops fiber)
12- spinach lettuce -2 cups, plain grilled chicken (4 oz), mushrooms , onions, .25cup of quinoa stuffing and olive oil. Also had a few slices of strawberries and a scoop of frosting.
4-salad: spinach,5oz. Chicken, few slices of avocado,1 tbsp of quinoa sprinkled on top (lots at lunch) and truffle oil(half tbsp).
730-shake (2 scoops , .25 c berries, 1 c spinach, 1 tbsp of almonds, 1 scoops fiber)
830-detox tea with almond milk and stevia.

I'm also tracking my water. I filled my 33oz water bottle 4 times.= 132 oz.

Stay strong, Fit Girls (and guys)- I'm doing my best to!

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