Thursday, December 6, 2012

I threw away my scale- no seriously!

This morning, I decided that I'd had enough...I'd had enough mornings of waking up and getting on the scale only to see a number that I didn't like. I would instantly change my mood and have a terrible start to the day. I was tired of having a number run my life! My journey, as Molly said, shouldn't be about the number- it should be about the journey to living a clean, fit and healthy life. So, I got on the scale. It wasn't a terrible number; it was the same as yesterday (even though that wasn't what I wanted to see either). But, I got my scale (that probably wasn't exactly accurate anyway) and took it to the trash !
Wow- my trash chute looks so disgusting! lol Guess that's where my scale belongs ;)

I thought about that all day. I thought about when I'd buy a new one. Maybe I'll buy one in a few weeks. Maybe I'll buy one after the new year. After thinking those thoughts, I had people post on my wall and tell me that they haven't had a scale in their home for years. I decided, that I'd try keeping it out of my house--forever. Well..maybe not forever, but i'll TRY not to cave! I pictured myself only weighing myself at the doctor and being proud. Or, being one of those people who don't have any clue what they weigh when someone asks them. Sighh...I hope I can stick with it!

When do you weigh yourself? If this a struggle that you've had? Share your story w/ me, Fit Girls (and guys)!

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  1. I feel ya - scales can make me crazy. I try to limit myself to 1x a week! That way, I know what is happening (good or bad) and can adjust my food/exercise to fix it or keep up the good work.

    If the scale made you unhappy, good choice!