Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tri-Dip Tips! - Do da dip!

I've looked around the studio many times during tricep-dips and noticed that people really struggle with them. I've struggled too- I still do. And, most of the time, I take modifications to help me with 'em. Remember, our wrists have lots of small muscle fibers (think-tree pose during yoga and how hard it can be. They're all muscles that we rarely use and they're not very strong). This makes it challenging to many! And, THAT'S OKAY! Take these modifications to help you keep nice posture and still feel the burn getting a great workout in...

The standard Tricep-Dip:

In a standard tricep-dip, your feet should be in towards your seat than in modification #1.

Modification #1:
Ignore the bottom picture!! Look at the top picture for form! In this modification, you stay ON the ground. It's the modification that I use and you most certainly feel the burn!

-Picture the feet flat on the ground
-Move feet further forward than the standard tricep-dip
-Make sure that your shoulders are pinched back (pressing shoulder blades together)
-Elbows should be back and hidden

Modification #2:
-Sit criss-cross on the floor
-Push arms back straight (shoulders pinching)
-Press weights straight back

I hope these help! Don't be afraid to do a modification! You should stay proud of yourself for simply keeping with it!

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