Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Hottie Workout by Fit Girl Studio


The following is an email that I received from the co-owner of Fit Girl Studio (Michelle). I was so excited to recieve this email because many fit girls have been asking for at-home workouts. I know, for me, I've been anxious about my workouts while I'm away. I am SO thankful to be on vacation but a bit nervous about being away from my routine and the studio for so long. So… Here it is Michelle's holiday workout parentheses with my pictures added to help explain each. I decided to go for a run tonight (my last blog post) so I'll either check this out tonight or tomorrow morning and post exactly how much it kicked my butt ;) . Enjoy, it girls!

Don't forget: were all the girls parentheses in progress parentheses; it's all about progress…not perfection!
Fit Girl's Holiday Hottie Express 2012


Up on the Roof Top - 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Starting in a perfect straight arm plank, run your knees to your chest with speed! Up, up, up you go!
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Down the Chimney - 20 Squats
Stand with feet slightly wider than your hips. Send your booty low to the floor in two SLOW counts and two counts back up. Extra points for hands above your head!
I think it's equal to high knees? image copyright:
Fast Feet to the Tree - 30 seconds Football Run in Place
Run it out Fit Girl, run!
Star Tree Topper Jumps - 20 Star Jumps
Stand with feet together and hands hovering shoulders. As you jump, spread arms and legs apart like a BIG BEAUTIFUL STAR. Return to starting position and keep it moving.
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Snow Shovel Lunge - 20 Each Leg
Lunge forward left leg. As you lunge bring both arms straight across your body and reach low past the outside of the left thigh. As you return to the starting position "throw" the snow over your right shoulder. Keep lunging/digging until you get 20 on the left. Repeat on right side.
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Mogul Downhill Ski - 30 seconds
Keeping the feet and legs tight, slightly bend your knees. Bring elbows to your hips with your arms in a 90 degree angle. Jump turning to your left, jump to the right, left, right....
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Dance Like a Sugar Plum Fairy - 30 seconds
On your highest tippy toes, like a ballerina, alternate to bring your feet off the ground one at a time. Bring arms to a circle in front of your body and then lift arms up overhead then lower down to thighs. Move it twinkle toes, you want it to feel like you are floating through air!

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Candy Cane Crunch - 60 seconds
Sit with your upper body in a C- Curve position and straighten both legs out in front of you (make your body into a "candy cane shape"). From here, point your toes and lift your feet of the floor. Flutter kick your straightest legs keeping them off the floor. Stabilize your core pulling abs in tight to restrict movement in the upper body.
Repeat 2 times if you've been GOOD this year.
3 times if you're on the NAUGHTY list. Be honest, Fit Girl - I'm watching!
A note from Michelle:
Lastly, please let loose and have a little fun with this. OH and def enjoy this with your family too. 'Tis the season, they'll LOVE you for it.
Wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday. Know that I'm always available to answer your personal fitness questions, provide tips, modifications, or advice. Just holler and I'm yours!

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