Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tonight, I lived... (Day 29-Arbonne 30 day challenge)

Tonight, I had my husbands 30th birthday party that I hosted at a local pizza restaurant. I pre-ordered food for the guests:
Marinara&Goat Cheese w/ garlic bread
House-made salsa and chips
Salads (and a salad for myself with chicken on the side)
3 pizzas (Sausage/Pepperoni, White pizza and Veggie pizza)
Chocolate Cake

When the guests got there I mingled and then headed over to my salad to take a bite (I hid my salad without the dressing over in the corner). After looking at the salad (kinda in the dark) I realized that it had candied pecans and goat cheese. While I do LOVE those two delectable items- they're most certainly off plan for me. I ate two servings of salad (no dressing), chicken and a tad of marinara sauce (I'm sure it had sugar, but it was gluten free). At dessert time, I lit the candles on his cake and sat back as my sister-in-law passed out a delicious chocolate cake. I passed on a piece but eventually took a spoonful of frosting from my husband's plate (Sugar over-load!). I drank my water and left feeling okay. When I got home, I had another spoonful of chocolate frosting(eeks).

After we dropped our things off at home we headed downtown to get appetizers and drinks with friends and family at The Signature Room. The view was amazing. I was content with water, until everyone urged us to order something that I could eat. I really couldn't eat anything on the menu. The settled with spinach/artichoke dip (not worth it) and baked brie (OMG-HEAVEN ON A PLATE!). I guess I'm missing cheese... I did have a few bites of the baked brie (no pastry of course) by itself. Instead of ordering an alcoholic drink (I can't really drink anyway -even before the plan- because of a medicine I take) I ordered mint tea! I was quite proud of myself.

I text Molly (before the brie incident) and told her what I ate. She said, "Love it! Living 80/20 and tuned into how you feel!" My response, "Thanks! But, more like 95/5 haha!But, I'm trying!"

With that...I go to bed, a tad disappointed in my "caving in" but I know that tonight, I lived... and I'm alive and it's just food and it's just one evening and I'll be okay! Right? You all agree..right? ;)

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