Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 23- Arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 23
7 Days to go (although, I'm extending it +14 to stay on plan until I leave for vacation)
Weight lost:9lb so far
 I'll post my weight again on Friday!

Today's eating plan:
930-shake (spinach, apple, protein &side of almonds)
1130-recovery shake (just almond milk, protein, cinnamon)- half of an apple and tablespoon of almonds
1:30- veggie egg white scramble(egg whites, broccoli, mushrooms, pine nuts and avocado)
530-balanced salad(spinach,turkey, beets, mushrooms, quinoa, sauteed veggies)
*fit chew
7:00- detox tea (almond milk, stevia and fiber included)

I was SO hungry today for some reason. I'm not sure why. Oh well. I had a nice night downtown and made a balanced salad at one of my favorite healthy eating salad bars (Food Ease).

Funny story(at least to me):

Tonight, my husband and I were coming home from downtown (we live in Chicago) and we were on the bus. There was SO much traffic by our house because of Zoo Lights (it was a MILE radius of standstill traffic). I told my husband that I wanted to walk home from the corner (1.25 miles from home). He said, "No." He was tired, his shoes were uncomfortable, blah blah (Love you, hubby). I decided that I would get off and walk anyway... When I got off the bus I started walking, but the bus started to catch up to me. I decided to start running (in my jeans, uggs, north face and purse)...and I ran the whole way home (literally laughing!). I laughed at how crazy I looked and how silly it was. I made it home and had to call my mom and tell her. I also called my husband to say, "Hey! I'm home! Are you close?" Yeahhh...about that...I was home 20 minutes before him. Hehe. Love life! Always find excuses to be active (I took the stairs at the mall tonight, too!)

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