Friday, December 21, 2012

Just a lil 5 mile jog... *an ah-ha moment!*

So, I just got home from a lil 5 mile jog.

*Let me preface this by saying that when I started out, I was so tired that I turned around and headed home only to decide to run up to the track near my parents house to get at least a mile in...*

During my run, I was going pretty slow. I start talking negative to myself sometime in my head. This time, when I started telling myself those negative things, I literally started to talk to myself. I started saying saying, "Shut up, Lori! You're DOING IT. You're running. Who cares if you're slow- you'll finish your run and 'at least you're lapping everyone that's on the couch!'"

As I headed back to my parent's house, I started to have de'ja vu. I remembered back to high school when I could barely run to park by my parent's house. I remember how much pain I would be in. I remembered how red my face would get. I thought about the times that I wanted to puke from pure exhaustion (it was only .75 mile!). I always TRIED. I always WANTED to be FIT, but I wasn't.  I danced. I did swim team and tennis team. I worked out at the gym, but I never stuck with it consistently enough to see true results or become truly FIT.

 Today, I got out there, exhausted, and jogged the whole neighborhood, ran a mile at the track, ran up to the park, around the park and the lake (twice) and back home. I finished 5.2 miles later and felt fabulous. I have a long way to go- that's why my little blog is called "Fit Girl in Progress," but that's exactly it...I've made a LOT of progress and I do amaze myself sometimes.

Have you had an "ah-ha moment" or a "light bulb moment" in regards to your fitness progress? Share it with us, Fit Girls (and guys)!

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