Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 20&21-Arbonne 30 day challenge

Days 20 and 21
9 days left

Today, I weighed myself and was back down to where I was pre-gain from thanksgiving. I am down a total of 8 lbs. I have, officially, one more week on the challenge and I really want to kick my butt in gear in re to eating perfectly on time and no licks or tastes or anything off-plan (I have been really great though on the plan). I want to keep the scale moving downward SO badly.

I learned today that my carbs don't have to be at every meal and that I can skip them at dinner since I won't usually be burning them before dinner. Makes sense.

I tried a shake that was listed on the website and I didn't think I'd like it but figured I'd try. Well..
. I hated it lol. But, after talking to Molly, I figured out why
-I make it for a single serving and it should be 3 large cups in a big vitamix or blender (I made it in a bullet)
-The recipe was written without a key ingredient (half an apple).
my green shakes and my berry shake (mmm)

At any rate. I made two and tried them today. I wasn't going to waste my protein after I made it! So, I drank it. Maybe I'll try it again sometime!

Some small moments that made me proud today:
---We're having a potluck at school next week and I signed up for a salad and I'll bring my quinoa. Then, I'll have a perfect meal already made for myself!
---I passed up homemade heath bars in the office today. They looked pretty darn good but wouldn't have been worth it.
---Tonight, my cousin had a birthday party at Bottles and Bottega. It's a BYOB painting studio. Everyone brought a bottle of wine (I brought two and didn't drink any). My cousin brought shrimp (for me!) and cheese and crackers. I made a gorgeous veggie tray with hummus and pine nuts. I shouldn't have eaten the hummus but it was really clean so I ate it (at least I don't think I should've eaten it. It was dairy, gluten and soy free, though). I nibbled on that and then stepped away, with my water bottle in hand.

Small steps...and I keep going....

Eating plan today:
spin class recovery shake- 7:30
8:30-Breakfast shake
11:00-Lunch salad with veggies, shrimp, quinoa, avocado and oil
2:00- Shake
6:00-Salad with shrimp, avo, lots of veggies, pine nuts and olive oil
8:30- nibbles of shrimp, veggies and hummus.

Off to sleep. I had planned on going to barre and spin shred in the morning. I need SLEEP! Spin Shred for sure though!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mind garbage=terrible class

Preface: Sarah, you're amazing- my "terrible class" had nothing to do with you! It was all me!
I want to learn to do this! SO badly!

So I had planned on taking today off. My Fit Girls at Fit Girl Studio know me too well-- I'm incapable of taking a day off lol. I didn't take barre this morning. I REALLY needed that extra sleep (it was amazing, by the way). But, after school (work) today, I didn't need to watch my niece so I headed over to Fit Girl for Ballet Body Bootcamp Torture (love!). Man was it challenging. I think that Amy wanted to kill us tonight-haha! Between the burpees, planks, wall sits and lunges- my whole body is killin'!

After BBC BCT, I (of course) stayed for spin class. As I always do, I set up my bike. Then, I walked over to my locked and check my email and texts. I got an email that was really upsetting and completely caught me off guard. I thought to myself, "Oh well. I'm upset but I'll use my emotions in class and fight it off." Yeah, that was NOT happening. I started out okay. I was smiling and bopping along. Um, I immediately found myself distracted with mind garbage (other thoughts that take focus away!) after a few minutes. I barely heard anything the instructor was saying (sorry Sarah, wasn't you) and sat in first positions just peddling away most of class. I tried to do my climbs and such. I had zero focus. I sat down and kept looking at the time to see if class was almost over. I contemplated getting up and leaving (I've never done that at FGS before). In the end, I told myself that it was better to have a crappy ride (and ride at a moderate pace nonstop) than stopping and not working out at all. I did just that. I left sweating, full of mind garbage but proud of myself for pushing through. Now, if only I had mastered yoga so that I could do it at home by myself tonight. Ehhh--oh well. I'm off to grocery shop (and hopefully not make emotional decisions on my groceries of choice because of my mind garbage) and then shower and relax!

Who has had this happen before? How'd you handle mind garbage during a workout?!

I really like this. We all need to reminded of this (frequently).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Balanced workouts- 3 today and feeling great!

 3 classes in one day and feeling AMAZING!

So often times I blog about having balanced meals. I make sure that my meals have 1/2 green veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/8 healthy fats and 1/8 carbs. Well today, my day was balanced in my workouts!!

I took:
Sculpt Fusion Yoga (yoga flow with weights- meets cardio bursts)-so got my strength in
Spinning - cardio!
Candlelight Restorative Yoga - yoga, stretching, meditation and relaxation!
It was a perfect balance!

Class Review:
Sculpt Fusion Yoga
Sculpt Fusion Yoga was new to me. I was told that it was a lot like Ballet Body Bootcamp. I had to remind myself that it was more like yoga and I haven't ever really practiced yoga. I always had this idea in my head that I "hate" yoga. I have a hard time concentrating and I was kind of always intimidated by it. Yogis are intimidating, what can I say? I grabbed my mat and weights and headed to a spot on the floor (in front of a pillar because it was one of those days that I just didn't want to stare at myself in the mirror for 45 minutes). I was actually pretty good at things and I got the flow portions down. I would've used the heaviest weights if I had known what to expect but instead got 2 and 3 lb weights just incase. I didn't particularly like the endless lunges at one point, but that's because I  have never been great at them (and it hurts my knees) so maybe it's a love-hate thing that's growing. Anyway, Lindsay was very energetic and enthusiastic. The class is most certainly one to try and I will take it again!

Thanks Liz for kicking my butt in Spin. I LOVE your music.

I was just about to thank Kristina and I remembered something....
Tonight, I was going to leave the studio after Yoga and Spin. When I was walking out I realized that there weren't that many people signed up for C.R.Y. with Kristina. I felt bad and also really wanted to go. Problem: I had told my husband that I would be home early since I feel like I go to bed so early and we never see each other! Well, I text him and asked if he would mind. He said of course not! When I told him that I felt bad, he wrote back, "I'm SO proud of you! Stay! Keep it up!" Ahhh! Yeah, I got a keeper.

Kristina, thanks for helping me focus and stay relaxed tonight.

I'll be taking tomorrow off from the studio (maybe a run in the evening).

Off to Lala-land to take advantage of getting to sleep in a little bit more tomorrow! Night fit girls!

Day 19- arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 19
11 days to go

I was really off with my eating schedule today bc I forgot my second shake at home and being a teacher, I can't just leave to get food!

I ate:
-Veggies from broth with avocado and pine nuts topped with shrimp
-For dinner I had a delicious salad with berries and apples as my carbs . It also bad regular olive oil, herbs and avocado. I had shrimp on the side
-After the gym I was going to just have my shake but it was so late I debated on eating or not. I ended up tearing into my crockpot chicken, veggies and sweet potato that I had made. I are a tbsp of pine nuts and basically had a whole third meal. Oops.

Anyways- tomorrow is a new day and I will try harder!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 18-arbonne 30 day challenge

12 days to go
-not weighing myself until Friday

I had a *perfect* day! I got all of my food in, without a single hitch and had double workouts!

7:30am- recovery shake
9:10am- breakfast shake
11:15am- lunch of my balanced salad (spinach, quinoa, avocado, olive oil, peppers, mushrooms and shrimp)
3:30- afternoon shake and almonds
7:30pm- evening salad!
Tonight I had two detox teas (same teabag) bc it's yummy and it's freezing out!

Because people have asked (I've been told that it doesn't seen like I'm eating enough) - I take in between 1,200-1,400 calories and way more fat than I used to! But, healthy fats of course.

I prepped my salads and shakes for tomorrow. It's all about being prepared!

I realized that I haven't taken my vitamins in a few days- I'll get on that tomorrow!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Product Review: True Citrus

The old me really struggled to get my water in. I can drink gallons each day, now. But, I recently found a product that really helps those who aren't huge "water fans" get all of their water in. It's all natural and flavored with stevia.

Product Review:

 True Lemon, True Lime, & True Orange for Cooking, Baking & Beverages (32 packets/box)
---I really like the true lemon and lime. Lemon is probably my favorite. It takes like putting a fresh squeezed lemon into your water. The Orange isn't my favorite. I added quite a few packets to make it have more flavor.

 True Original Lemonade, & True Raspberry Lemonade for Your Water (10 stick packets/box) 
--These are similar to a Crystal Light, except they're all natural. In all honesty, I didn't care for them that much. They aren't as strong as Crystal Light, so prepare your taste buds. Maybe that's why I didn't like them? The Raspberry was decent. The lemonade just didn't seem worth it, I'd stick to the regular "True Lemon" flavor!  I'd still recommend giving them a try. They're natural and only sweetened with stevia. It's a great alternative to artificial sweeteners!
Raspberry Lemonade

True Grapefruit for Your Water (32 packets/box)
--True Grapefruit is a nice surprise! I have never liked grapefruit before but I liked the packet in my water. It had a faint taste so I used two per bottle. YUM! Very refreshing. 

The lemon, orange and lime are great for baking! I read that, but I had to try it out for myself! And...they're right! I used the lemon packets to make a Honey Lemon Balsamic Chicken dish (prior to my Arbonne 30 day challenge due to the vinegar and honey). I mixed the ingredients below to whip up an easy glaze to use on chicken or shrimp. It was delicious

Honey Lemon Balsamic Chicken
1/4 c. of balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp of honey
pepper and salt to taste
2 packets of true lemon

Mix together ingredients in a bowl (I didn't measure so they measurements are approximate. You just want to measure to a glaze consistency)
top you chicken breasts with the mixture
cover and bake for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

To find a store near you: Visit our store locator at
Or purchase online: You may also purchase our products directly from us at, or call toll free at 1-888-476-0026

Alkaline Broth- Day 17-Arbonne 30 day Challenge

DETOX, please!
13 days to go
-not weighing myself until Friday

I had a long weekend full of family, shopping and dining out! I didn't indulge too much. However, I still feel cruddy.

This morning I took a spin class and something was just off. I was in a bad mood. I couldn't stay focused. I felt out of it. I was on my way to work and I got SO sick to my stomach. I tried to stick it out at work but I just couldn't do it. Way to start a week. I headed home and put together my "Alkaline Broth" aka a veggie soup broth and am now resting on my couch. I feel okay now-- I hope that it's not a stomach bug that's slowly creeping in and instead that it was just a momentary thing. :/ I have to say- my green protein shake this morning made me want to puke (looking at it).

Here's Jennifer's recipe for the Alkaline Broth.
The only real rule is:  
1/3 greens (salad greens)
1/3 green veggies
1/3 starchy veggies.
You can add whatever seasonings you'd like.

Alkaline Broth

Greens (salad greens)
3/4 bag of spinach
3/4 bag of kale
3/4 bag of"Southern Greens Blend (turnips, collar/mustard greens)
Seaweed (I didn't use. I didn't have it)

Other non-starchy veggies:
Green beans (half of a bag. I used frozen organic from Trader Joe's)
Broccoli – 1 crown (large chunks- I used half a bag of florets)
1 Zucchini – (cubed)
3 stalks of celery – (cut in large chunks)
Brussel Sprouts (I did not use. I didn't have them on hand)
3 Carrots – (cut in large chunks, skin on)
Onion – ½-1 whole (large chunks)

Starchy Veggies:
Sweet Potato – 1 (large cubes, skin on)
Potato – 1 (large cubes, skin on)

This is what I used...
Black Pepper

other suggestions.... 
cilantro( I'm allergic), jalapenos, crushed red pepper, etc.


Fill a large stock pot (8 quart is usually fine) with all the veggies, then fill
with water.
Bring to a boil, simmer for 4-6 hours.

Jennifer says....
I save some of veggies and puree to eat as a side - sometimes mix with
rice quinoa, and/or broth for a soup.
I freeze the broth in smaller tupperware so it lasts longer - usually in 2-3
serving sizes so I get a few days out of it once I thaw it out.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow for my review!

Day 16- Arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 16
14 days left
not weighing myself until Friday

 Prep day!

After my spin shred class today, I went to make my salad. I decided to get my shakes ready for the day and my salads ready for the next two days. I also bagged almonds (I've been eating a tbsp instead of putting them in my shake) and celery for snacks. I made 4 balanced salads and prepped my shakes, too! It was a very productive afternoon!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 15- Arbonne 30 day challenge CRAVINGS AND CHOCOLATE

Day 15
15 Days to go- halfway (although, I think I'll make my "challenge" go until Dec. 19 or 22 when I leave for vacation!)
I'm not weighing myself until next Saturday ( least, I'm going to TRY not to)
note: Don't judge me for my honesty! At least I'm honest! Most people wouldn't dare tell the truth about how ever second of their day goes!
     I'm struggling a bit. I had two spoonfuls of cake today. It was gluten free. It was flourless. BUT- it had sugar and dairy, I'm sure. 
Now, I don't think that it's a horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad thing for people to have cake! But, for ME, right now, it's not what I should be doing. It's not on MY plan!  
     It was the same deathly chocolate cake that we had on Thanksgiving. I brought home two pieces yesterday for my husband (one apple-not my cup-o-tea- and one chocolate). I had it in there for a day without eating it. However, that changed this afternoon., I had a spoonful before I took a nap. UGH. Bad! Then, I threw it away. I must've dreamed about that darn chocolate cake because when I woke up I actually walked to the clean trash bag and got the cake out of the trash (it wasn't as gross as it sounds- it was a new bag and it was in foil. It was however, just as sad and desperate as it sounds) and took another scoop. I then proceeded to throw it away again but before it even make it out of my hands, I grabbed it and almost had another bite. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! I wanted that sweet, chocolaty goodness SO BAD! Let's be honest...two tablespoons/bites of chocolate isn't going to ruin my day. But, it messed with my head! I WANT to stay on plan SO bad. So, why do we hop off? Tonight, I made my shakes with extra berries and stevia in hopes of curbing that sugar craving.
After my morning spin classes, I had a recovery shake that was super balanced. 
Lunch, I went to Bloomingdales Cafe (Forty Carrots) and had a no-mayo tuna salad salad with olive oil and avocados. It was absolteuy heavenly! When I got home, had a half a cup of quinoa to compensate for the lack of carbs in the meals lately.
No-mayo tuna salad and fresh avocado!

For dinner, I was on the run (I'm babysitting tonight) so I made two shakes quickly and took them with me. I was super-thankful for the shakes tonight because I really didn't have time to make a meal.
My new favorite shake:
Spinach, frozen berries, vanilla protein, almonds and stevia
So, question of the day: Who has had crazy struggling with a certain craving?! How do you get over it? I have lots and lots of water on-hand now just incase! That's how I'm trying to curb mine!

We're hardcore athletes ... In pretty outfits!

"C'mon girls! Today, we're not ballerinas! We're hardcore athlete... In pretty outfits!"
- Michelle P. Owner of Fit Girl Studio

In spin class today, a fellow fit girl looked over at me and said, "I was so excited to get up and get to class today!" My response, "Me too! ...and that's how it should be!" My cousin also text me this morning from Cleveland (she lives here in Chicago but was visiting for the holiday)- she said that she tried a barre class in Cleveland and was so thankful for our studios in Chicago because they're such a better workout. LOVE it!

So my big accomplishments today in barre with miss Cassie:
- I used my grey weights again!
-I kicked butt in the abs section! Michelle agreed, our abs were screaming from the start! Cass- whatever you do girl (I think it's the tight grip on the strap while we work our abs) I feel sore for days!
-even with exhaustion, I held my plank for 45 of the 60 seconds at the end of class.
"You did a GREAT job today ladies! You're beautiful, you're strong- you're a Fit Girl!"-Cassie!

Spin class makes me feel so motivated! I love a hardcore workout! In specific, I love spin shred! Michelle, I liked using the weights for most of the moves today; good call!
Accomplishments errr Epiphanies in Spin Shred
- "C'mon girls, pull those legs in big beautiful 360 degree circles- that's right...pull pull!" I realized DUH- Even though I've taken spin for years, I never actually hard this part of my form correct. Maybe that's why I hurt my knee so often in spin class (not badly just a little ache after class). I wasn't pulling up! I was pushing my feet down (which puts more weight/pressure on your knees). WOW! I had heard instructors at Fit Girl say it SO many times but I've never actually followed that! It makes pushing pulling through those hills a LOT easier! WOW! Amazing
-All of those times when I hated my spin instructors at other studios for telling me that I couldn't take a rest and I couldn't let me heartrate slow were...not smart crazy. Seriously. I was so appreciative when I thought about that that the instructors at Fit Girl know that after a huge climb, you need a little break.

Anyway- I had a two great workouts today! Thanks, Fit Girls!

Friday, November 23, 2012

"It NEVER gets 'easier'- you just get better!"

This morning, I headed over to Fit Girl Studio to take Barre. I found myself struggling with a few things. I mean, I still can hold my straight arm plank on most days (that's amazing), But, I have a hard time with some things. I am very hard on myself and immediately think, "I still suck!"...even if it's not true.

When I finished class, I thought about it and I realized that somewhere along the way I must've had a class that "felt easy." I told this to Elizabeth and Sarah. I thought it about it and followed up that statement with, "It NEVER gets 'easier'- you just get better!" They agree! That's exactly how it works!

I LOVE Fit Girl, because it's a community and a supportive enviornment. The girls at Fit Girl are always there to answer any questions, correct your posture, give tips and just chat it up. I'm so thankful to be part of The Fit Girl Community.

After Barre, chatting it up with Sarah and drinking my protein shake, I headed into spin. I had a GREAT class. The music was awesome (Sarah knows how I love to sing along) and she had some great climb combinations that I'd never done before mixed with sprints (which I love). I gave it my all and Sarah could tell (I'm sure the whole room could). I was friggin' wincing and grunting. I'm sure it looked like I was in pain! Haha. Needless to say, I was dripping in sweat at the end of class and felt AMAZEBALLS!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, ALL!

Two years ago today, I ran my first 5k with my sister. I barely jogged, walked, had cramps and cried half of the time. BUT, I finished that race with the support of my sister. Since then, I've ran countless 5k, 10k, a half marathon, a full  marathon and am now taking a new hat on as a fitness blogger. As I crossed the finish line of The Turkey Trot today (and noticed that I cut off over 14 minutes from my time two years ago and made a PR for a 5k) I couldn't help but smile ear-to-ear as I thought about how lucky I am to be on this new journey to health, happiness, nutrition and fitness. Thanks Fit Girl Studio for your help along the way! We ALL can make the change to live a happier, healthier life- it just takes one step!

After my run, I finished up with a banana, almonds and a vanilla/berry shake! I had a great morning!
almonds and vanilla/berry shake after the race!
This afternoon, we headed over my sister and brother-in-law's house for dinner and to hang out. She had a great tray of veggies with dips put out. I did indluge in whitefish dip and spinach dip with my peppers. But, I didn't eat crackers. Give and take. I tried.  
photo 1.JPG
The great spread- after we ate all of the delicious peppers and celery!

For dinner, I had a nibble of most things (green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, turkey-white meat, cranberries and aspargus. I didn't over-eat and it was perfect fine.
 photo 2.JPG

For desert, we had the cakes that I made for my sister-in-law's birthday and then also three pies that my aunt picked up! They were HEAVENLY looking. I asked for a SLIVER of pumpkin and the wheatfree chocolate cake. She gave me pretty big pieces so I just took off a small bite.
photo 3.JPG
Apple, pumpkin and chocolate cake!
photo 4.JPG
The small bites below are what I indulged in for dessert!
photo 2.JPG
The cakes that I made for my sister-in-law's birthday! I did NOT have one.

I felt a little bit bad afterwards, but I didn't go all-out. I have been so great. Molly said I could make it a "day off" or "cheat day" if I wanted. But, I didn't want to. She said I'd notice it and I'd set myself back. I didn't want that. So, I met somewhere in the middle. I treated it like any other day, just with a few nibbles or some very rich foods! I had little to no gluten (btw: I'm allergic to wheat and gluten) so my stomach shouldn't hate me and I limited the dairy/sugar to the dips.  Not too shabby.

I LOVED my Thanksgiving.  was really sad that I didn't get to spend it with ALL of my family. However, we had a beautiful night with my husband, sister and brother-in-law, niece and aunt. 

When we went around the table I said that I was thankful for my family, my health and the opportunities that I've been given to re-start my life even healthier. Thank Fit Girls for joining me on my journey. I'm thankful for ALL of you!

 For my Arbonne Challenge....
Day 13
17 days to go
8.5 lbs down

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Grab your heaviest set of weights"

I used the heaviest weights in Barre for the first time today! Woohoo!**
 "Grab your heaviest set of weights." I heard this in every class. I usually grab my green weights (3 lbs- trust's not that easy to even use 3 lbs in a barre class with SO many reps) and switch to my purple if needed (2 lb). Tonight, however. I grabbed the gray weights (4 lbs)! I put them down for only one set and picked them right back up. I was a CHAMP tonight! I almost forgot about this as I was thinking about what happened during my day and how I was going to blog about all of that! WooHooo!!!!!


I let myself sleep in today. Thank gosh! I mean, sleeping in means 6:45 instead of 5:20-- so an extra hour and 25 minutes is like heaven for me!

After a hectic day at school (let's be real- working with 3, 4 and 5 year olds is hectic EVERY day) and running errands- I was ready for a little detox at the gym.

Big bump:
I got in an argument/fight with someone RIGHT before I left to go workout. I was mad about something, held a grudge, sent some mean texts after hanging up and couldn't let it go the entire class. I wasn't my bubbly self and I had a VERY hard time concentrating. I did really well, I held most things in barre, but I kept finding myself making every excuse (to myself) to take a 20 second break. I fixed my hair, toweled off, drank my water leisurely, rolled out my toes, on and on. Katy put on a really great class and def. had some challenges. I liked it a lot. I just wish my brain were more focused a clear today!

I took restorative yoga with the amazing Ms. Kristina after. I love that class. I really needed some relaxation and focus this evening. I let myself relax, finally towards the end of the class. And...that's just what I needed.

Thanks Fit Girl Studio for helping me work though some stress tonight! Have an awesome Thanksgiving Fit Girls! Eat clean, make good choices and have some relaxation and fun!

Day 12-Arbonne 30 Day Challenge


  18 days to go
down 7.5  lbs
Today was a teeny bit challenging. I swear, I always start going hard-core with eating clean during the holidays. Last year, I started my "diet" the day after Thanksgiving. I had pre-packaged food (MediFast) and shakes and stuck to it 100%. I even took my food in my annual winter cruise! Who does that?! I kept 25 of the 40 lbs lost for my wedding. Although, want to know something funny. I now weigh 11 lbs more than I did on my wedding day but look more toned and about the same size in clothes! Funny what muscle can do.
Now, back to the challenges
-Teacher's Assistant appreciation day= morning breakfast of bagels, coffee cake, donuts, donut holes, juices and coffee. I felt really bad because my coworker had gotten me to favorite coffee. I did drink some and said, "Thank you."
-SWEETS GALORE in the office (which I walk back 20 times a day). Finally towards the end of the day they put out a fruit salad with fresh fruit and marshmallows. I picked at it and had that as a snack.
-This evening I decided to bake for my sister-in-law's birthday. I thought I'd be cute and creative and make something that took a long time to bake. I'll post pictures after she gets it tomorrow lol. However, that just meant extra time IN THE KITCHEN. Which isn't exactly what I wanted... I ended up having a few licks of frosting. I was a bit bummed but let's be real...if I had a few licks of frosting and didn't eat a whole piece of cake or lick the batter bowl (gross!)- I did a pretty darn good job. I'll give myself a pat on the back, even if I still cheated some!
I talked to Molly on the phone today and talked about the gameplan for the next week. I did my 2nd day of the 7 day cleanse detox juice (an additional juice added to your day) today. I will do two more days next week. I am also going to make an "alkaline broth" which is like a soup. 
I'm feeling good and motivated to continue to reach my ultimate goals in fitness, nutrition, weight and overall happiness. I've gotta stay motivated- I can do it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 11- Arbonne 30 day challenge


  19 days to go
down 6.5  lbs
WOOHOO! The scale fell today! BIG time! Although, Molly and Jennifer are challenging me to NOT weigh myself for a while. Maybe I'll start that next week and do a week off the scale. I, personally, feel like I need to weigh myself to stay focused and motivated. But, I will try...eventually.
I decided not to have my second round of the 7day cleanse. I was SO gassy and achey yesterday.  I couldn't stand taking it and attempting to work through classes at the studio tooting like a darn train every 5 minutes. I could've cleared room! GROSS! I mean TMI, but SERIOUSLY! I was told that it's normal on the cleanse. I will try again tomorrow.

We had a harvest feast at school today (25 hyper preschoolers- in one room- eating from a buffet) and it was SUPER busy. I didn't take my normal breaks and eat at my normal times.  It got to the point that I NEEDED a break and NEEDED so I went and sad in my car to eat! Hey, it least it was quiet and relaxing. I even got to catch up with my BFF on the phone for a bit.

After class tonight, I made my dinner and made extras for lunch tomorrow:
Shrimp stir-fry with peppers, kale, celery and topped with avocado and pine nuts.
Ohh, Ohh... and my husband got me FLOWERS because he's PROUD of my dedication ;) So sweet.

My flowers from my sweet husband (they're in an old pitcher that was my grandmother's that I use as a vase!)

So, for now... it's off to relax and drink my detox tea! MmMmMm! Stay focused, ladies!


Push it to the limit...

I let myself sleep in the morning and decided that I would take double classes tonight. I had a GREAT night at the studio. I look Ballet Body Bootcamp and Spin.

Ballet Body Bootcamp
-I love this class because it's always different. We did moves that I had no clue could burn so badly. We did tons of jumps, squats, ab work and weights. My body was shaking! But, I pushed myself harder on each movement and faster in each cardio interval. I loved class!

-It was my first time taking class with Betsey. Before class some of the girls were talking about how they love how the bikes work their abs. I looked at Betsey and said, "Um...I must be doing something wrong and I don't know what- BUT I don't feel it in my abs!" We looked at my position and decided that it might be because I am shorter and have a shorter torso. But, I also realized that I need to use a little bit less of my upper-body and focus more on full-rotations from my legs. I really challenged myself to use my abs during positions 2 and 3.

*Shout out to Betsey* I REALLY liked the playlist (push it to the limit, Eminem, Beyonce and a bunch of mash-ups). I also liked the intervals. We did a crazy workout of (I think it went like this..):
5 minute climb
5 sprints - 30 seconds each
4 minute climb
4 sprints- 40 seconds each
3 minute climb
3 sprints- 45 seconds each
2 minute climb
2 springs- 1 min each
and I think one...but I was too tired to notice lol

GREAT day @ the studio and I was reminded again of why I love this place so much: It's an empowering family of women (and Andy) who work together to reach our fitness goals.

Keep up the hard work Fit Girls!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 10- Arbonne 30 day challenge


20 days to go
down 5 lbs
(After a VERY challenging weekend -eating-wise- I'm very thankful to have maintained. Basically, I lost 5 lbs my first week and am just working on my second week. Let's see if I can get off a few more before Saturday)
Today, I started using my 7 day cleanse juice. It's a vitamin-type liquid that you put in 32 oz of water and then add a fizzy stick to. I HATE the taste and my stomach was gassy/achey all day after starting to drink it. It's supposed to be a detoxifying drink. I don't know if I can handle drinking it again tomorrow. But, I'm sure I will. I'm supposed to take it two days in a row this week.
I had a spin class this morning and had my recovery shake after. I had another shake at 10 a.m. when I was hungry. My first "meal" was at 1:30 and it was my standard salad.
I was VERY tired today. I took a nap after work and planned on going to a spin class and then yoga. However, that is NOT what happened. I ended up napping, waking up to make dinner and relaxing. 
For dinner, I made a left-over super-food mash-up!
I sauteed together:
1/2 c. of frozen organic kale
4 c. fresh spinach
1/4 red pepper
1/4 yellow pepper
3 small chicken breasts
1 tbsp of evoo
1/4 c water
 ---This made 3 servings and is pretty much a balanced meal! Yay for extending my leftovers for today and tomorrow!

I'm off to pack-up for gym/work tomorrow and relax for the rest of the night! Sounds heavenly.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wild Rice and Quinoa Stuffing

Wild Rice and Quinoa Stuffing

(found on I tweaked to meet my needs)


1/2 c. uncooked quinoa (for 1 c. cooked)
1/2 c. uncooked wild rice (for 1 1/2 c. cooked)
1 tbsp. butter
1/2 large onion, diced
1 celery stalk, diced 
1/2 c. of sliced mushrooms

1 medium tart apple, cored and diced
3/4 tsp. oregano
1/2 tbsp of minced garlic

1/2 tsp. sage
3/4 tsp. thyme
1/2 c. orange cranberries (Trader Joes) or 1 c. of fresh cranberries cooked down

1/2 c. pine nuts, toasted
zest of half a lemon
zest of orange

1/4 c. water
salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook Quinoa and Rice and set aside
2. Toast your pine nuts - place them in a small pan over medium heat. Stir the nuts almost constantly until they're golden brown. Remove and set aside.
3. Prep your onion, mushrooms, celery and apples.
4. In a large saute pan, heat up 1-2 tbsp of olive oil (I used 1 tbsp of truffle oil and one regular) and minced garlic. Add the onions, celery and mushrooms and saute for about 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, add in your apple slices, saute for another 3 minutes
5. Lower the heat to medium-low, and add in your seasonings. Cook for another minute until mixture is quite fragrant. Add in the cranberries, toasted pinenuts, lemon and orange zest and stir to combine.
6. Mix in the cooked quinoa, cooked wild rice and water. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
7, Preheat oven to 375*. Transfer the mixture to a GREASED 8x8" pan. 
8. Bake, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes before serving.

Day 9- Arbonne 30 day challenge- FriendsGiving feast!


21 days to go
down 5 lbs
(second day at the same weight, but I will be very happy if I stay the same until Monday and get back on again then!)
The morning started off late, so my eating timing was off quite a bit today. I had a shake on my way to Trader Joe's around 11 a.m. I was getting things to prep for our FriendsGiving. I was texting and emailing back and forth with Molly and Jennifer (my mentors) about what to make. I found some amazing recipes and tweaked them to meet my needs.
--Question: who has been guilty of buying the "cheaper" food when hosting or entertaining. Ie: buying conventional produce instead of organic...? Well, I have before. I had this conversation with a group of people in the past. I mean, I'm not a "cheap" person, it's just that when entertaining it most certainly gets expensive. However, I  was thinking about it and I realized- what the heck... If I am putting clean foods in my own body why would I give crap to my guests?

This afternoon, my husband and our friends went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. As everyone ordered plates full of sushi rolls and extra spicy mayo, I ate my dry seaweed salad and drank my water. I was actually content. I didn't have the urge to eat junk because I knew it wasn't good for me. I knew I would regret and be upset with myself. 
photo 1.JPG
My snack!

As soon as I got home, I drank my second shake and got started on cooking. The dishes that I made for our dinner were Quinoa/Rice Cranberry Stuffing, Cranberry/Orange Chicken and Turkey and sweet potatoes.
photo 4.JPG
Quinoa/Rice Cranberry stuffing
I also made a dips for appetizers. I couldn't eat the chips and dips but I did slice up peppers and celery. I also put out almonds.
photo 2.JPG
Dips and crackers-- peppers and celery for me!
I tried my best at dinner to stick to the plan. I ate what I made and also had a taste of green bean casserole and the desert (so hard to pass up pumpkin-chocolate timaramsu made by an Italian!).My stomach is hating me and grumbling---maybe because it's off plan but also because it wasn't gluten-free.

I'll post my rice stuffing recipe later.

Hope you all day a great weekend! I had a fun weekend, but eating-wise...I'm SO ready for Monday! I've already made for food for school for tomorrow:
photo 3.JPG
Leftover salad with chicken and the stuffing with olive oil