Friday, November 16, 2012

So tired, I cried...a lot...

Today when my alarm went off, I sat up and legit started crying! My husband woke up and said, "What's wrong?!" I cried out, "OMG! I missed my class- it's 6:30. I missed the gym and now I need to get up and get ready for work but I'm too tired." He looked at the clock and said, "Babe- it's 5:30. You didn't miss you class..." I whimpered for a minute and popped out of bed and got ready. day began.

I had my spin class with Kathleen this morning. I really enjoy her class. It has a good mix of things and she's really motivating. I love how at Fit Girl Studio- all of the instructors know you by name. They all try to remember you name and even call out your name for motivation during class. In addition, instead of walking into a cattle call for a cardio class at a gym, the instructor starts class by saying hello to everyone, offering help and giving you a "pep-talk" of sorts. Each instructor reminds you, in their own way, to remember what your motivation for getting up and getting to the gym is. They all remind you to push your hardest and know what you have already passed the biggest hurdle: getting your butt through the front door! Spin was most certainly the highlight of my day (well, seeing our friends was the highlight but ya know...btw: read my blog on dining out for an understanding of why my night wasn't exactly my highlight).

My day was TERRIBLE. I am absolutely heart broken over what's going on in Israel (I have many friends there). I had a horrible day at work (I, without exaggeration, got beat up by a rather large 4 year old. I was hit in the chest and popped in the jaw. Yes, it hurt).  I left school a few minutes early, drove down the road, only to figure out that I had lost my phone. I ended up finding it, on silent, in a nap-box wrapped in a student's blanket! It fell out of my pocket, apparently, when I was cleaning up nap-stuff. But, I have no clue how I even thought to look in there!!! I didn't get a nap in before going out tonight because it took my too long to figure out what to wear. In summary--- thank you Fit Girl Studio for being the light to my day. xo

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