Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 11- Arbonne 30 day challenge


  19 days to go
down 6.5  lbs
WOOHOO! The scale fell today! BIG time! Although, Molly and Jennifer are challenging me to NOT weigh myself for a while. Maybe I'll start that next week and do a week off the scale. I, personally, feel like I need to weigh myself to stay focused and motivated. But, I will try...eventually.
I decided not to have my second round of the 7day cleanse. I was SO gassy and achey yesterday.  I couldn't stand taking it and attempting to work through classes at the studio tooting like a darn train every 5 minutes. I could've cleared room! GROSS! I mean TMI, but SERIOUSLY! I was told that it's normal on the cleanse. I will try again tomorrow.

We had a harvest feast at school today (25 hyper preschoolers- in one room- eating from a buffet) and it was SUPER busy. I didn't take my normal breaks and eat at my normal times.  It got to the point that I NEEDED a break and NEEDED so I went and sad in my car to eat! Hey, it least it was quiet and relaxing. I even got to catch up with my BFF on the phone for a bit.

After class tonight, I made my dinner and made extras for lunch tomorrow:
Shrimp stir-fry with peppers, kale, celery and topped with avocado and pine nuts.
Ohh, Ohh... and my husband got me FLOWERS because he's PROUD of my dedication ;) So sweet.

My flowers from my sweet husband (they're in an old pitcher that was my grandmother's that I use as a vase!)

So, for now... it's off to relax and drink my detox tea! MmMmMm! Stay focused, ladies!


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