Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 19- arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 19
11 days to go

I was really off with my eating schedule today bc I forgot my second shake at home and being a teacher, I can't just leave to get food!

I ate:
-Veggies from broth with avocado and pine nuts topped with shrimp
-For dinner I had a delicious salad with berries and apples as my carbs . It also bad regular olive oil, herbs and avocado. I had shrimp on the side
-After the gym I was going to just have my shake but it was so late I debated on eating or not. I ended up tearing into my crockpot chicken, veggies and sweet potato that I had made. I are a tbsp of pine nuts and basically had a whole third meal. Oops.

Anyways- tomorrow is a new day and I will try harder!

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