Monday, November 5, 2012

OMG~! Arm muscles?!

HELLO arm muscles?!!! Oh, how I've longed for thee!

Barre kicked my butt tonight. Well, maybe not THAT much. I left my third barre class feeling good. I feel stronger now. I know that I need to modify some things. But, I also know HOW to modify them. Amy, our instructor and studio manager, is always looking out for me. Today, she noticed that I had a hard time holding a position and handed me a ball to help. I felt so thankful that I was able to power through the rest of the series because she took a glance at me and KNEW what I needed to help me out (yeah, Fit Girl Studio is pretty much that awesome).

I just got home a bit ago and out of nowhere I made a "muscle" and realized...OMG...I can feel my arm muscles! So, now.... no matter how weak I feel in class (ugh, I'm SO hard on myself), I will remember the happy feeling that I just got when I realized that... OMG... I  HAVE ARM MUSCLES!

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