Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Grab your heaviest set of weights"

I used the heaviest weights in Barre for the first time today! Woohoo!**
 "Grab your heaviest set of weights." I heard this in every class. I usually grab my green weights (3 lbs- trust's not that easy to even use 3 lbs in a barre class with SO many reps) and switch to my purple if needed (2 lb). Tonight, however. I grabbed the gray weights (4 lbs)! I put them down for only one set and picked them right back up. I was a CHAMP tonight! I almost forgot about this as I was thinking about what happened during my day and how I was going to blog about all of that! WooHooo!!!!!


I let myself sleep in today. Thank gosh! I mean, sleeping in means 6:45 instead of 5:20-- so an extra hour and 25 minutes is like heaven for me!

After a hectic day at school (let's be real- working with 3, 4 and 5 year olds is hectic EVERY day) and running errands- I was ready for a little detox at the gym.

Big bump:
I got in an argument/fight with someone RIGHT before I left to go workout. I was mad about something, held a grudge, sent some mean texts after hanging up and couldn't let it go the entire class. I wasn't my bubbly self and I had a VERY hard time concentrating. I did really well, I held most things in barre, but I kept finding myself making every excuse (to myself) to take a 20 second break. I fixed my hair, toweled off, drank my water leisurely, rolled out my toes, on and on. Katy put on a really great class and def. had some challenges. I liked it a lot. I just wish my brain were more focused a clear today!

I took restorative yoga with the amazing Ms. Kristina after. I love that class. I really needed some relaxation and focus this evening. I let myself relax, finally towards the end of the class. And...that's just what I needed.

Thanks Fit Girl Studio for helping me work though some stress tonight! Have an awesome Thanksgiving Fit Girls! Eat clean, make good choices and have some relaxation and fun!

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