Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 9- Arbonne 30 day challenge- FriendsGiving feast!


21 days to go
down 5 lbs
(second day at the same weight, but I will be very happy if I stay the same until Monday and get back on again then!)
The morning started off late, so my eating timing was off quite a bit today. I had a shake on my way to Trader Joe's around 11 a.m. I was getting things to prep for our FriendsGiving. I was texting and emailing back and forth with Molly and Jennifer (my mentors) about what to make. I found some amazing recipes and tweaked them to meet my needs.
--Question: who has been guilty of buying the "cheaper" food when hosting or entertaining. Ie: buying conventional produce instead of organic...? Well, I have before. I had this conversation with a group of people in the past. I mean, I'm not a "cheap" person, it's just that when entertaining it most certainly gets expensive. However, I  was thinking about it and I realized- what the heck... If I am putting clean foods in my own body why would I give crap to my guests?

This afternoon, my husband and our friends went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. As everyone ordered plates full of sushi rolls and extra spicy mayo, I ate my dry seaweed salad and drank my water. I was actually content. I didn't have the urge to eat junk because I knew it wasn't good for me. I knew I would regret and be upset with myself. 
photo 1.JPG
My snack!

As soon as I got home, I drank my second shake and got started on cooking. The dishes that I made for our dinner were Quinoa/Rice Cranberry Stuffing, Cranberry/Orange Chicken and Turkey and sweet potatoes.
photo 4.JPG
Quinoa/Rice Cranberry stuffing
I also made a dips for appetizers. I couldn't eat the chips and dips but I did slice up peppers and celery. I also put out almonds.
photo 2.JPG
Dips and crackers-- peppers and celery for me!
I tried my best at dinner to stick to the plan. I ate what I made and also had a taste of green bean casserole and the desert (so hard to pass up pumpkin-chocolate timaramsu made by an Italian!).My stomach is hating me and grumbling---maybe because it's off plan but also because it wasn't gluten-free.

I'll post my rice stuffing recipe later.

Hope you all day a great weekend! I had a fun weekend, but eating-wise...I'm SO ready for Monday! I've already made for food for school for tomorrow:
photo 3.JPG
Leftover salad with chicken and the stuffing with olive oil

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