Friday, November 2, 2012

Beyond exhausted...

I looked up a synonym for "beyond exhausted" and none of the words seemed adequate. Therefore, I shall say that I'm EXHAUSTED BEYOND WORDS!

3 classes in ONE day- say what?!

Yesterday, I started out my morning with a Cardio Barre class (reviews below). I was pretty exhausted, as it was a new class and I worked muscles that I hadn't ever used before. I struggled a lot with my upper body strength. Michelle told me that I did great! Of course, I had to be hard on myself and mention back that I was disappointed in my performance because I just feel like I have zero upper body strength. She immediately gave me a friendly reminder that, "We're not born with strength! That's why you're here!"

After school (I'm a special education assistant), I began to head over to my babysitting job. I got a call that I wasn't needed and my immediate thought was, "How fast can I get home in order to make the 5:30 Ballet Body Bootcamp?!"  I rushed home, changed and hauled my little big ole' booty over to Fit Girl Studio! HOLY COW, it was hardcore! The girls and I decided that it shouldn't have the word ballet in the class title. Rather, it should be called Turbo Bootcamp! OUCH!

When I was about to head out the door, I saw Sarah (a spin instructor) and she asked if I was heading to her class. Well....I DID do two classes already. husband IS waiting for me so that we can go to dinner... BUT.... (I sat down and "registered" for the 6:30 p.m. spin class via my Fit Girl mobile app) I looked up and the receptionist and said, "Okay- I'm also doing spin!" We all laughed and they said I was crazy (yeah, I totally was). The funny thing though, is that is pushed myself CRAZY hard during that last class. I was even SINGING along to the songs all the way up to the last climb. I guess I was on a high. With that said, I woke up feeling more sore in my glutes than I did after running The Chicago Marathon! It was all worth it for the burn!

This morning, it was a bit harder to get up than usual. The thought of going back to sleep, after I got up and felt the soreness in my body, did pop into my head. I decided to stay dedication and get my things together and head over for Kathleen's 6:15 a.m. spin class. It truly was a great way to start my Friday.

I'm babysitting tonight but one thing is for sure- I cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight to get some ZzZzZzs! 6 days down and going strong! next goal is to get some help in the area of nutrition! I'm not taking in enough calories for my calorie output. But, I need someone to help me with the correct nutritional formula for weight loss. Any suggestions? Or, do you know anyone in the Chicago area that is a dietitian or nutritionist that would be willing to help this Fit Girl in Progress out (thanks in advance!)?

Class Review-Cardio Barre:
Michelle taught the Cardio Barre class that I took. It was essentially an intensified Barre class. It consisted of a series of cardio sequences to make sure to get your heart rate up and the blood moving. I was certainly dripping by the end of the class.

Ballet Body Bootcamp:
OHM-G! I was CRAZY exhausted after taking this class. Amy put on a hardcore workout for BBBC. We all decided that it should be calling Turbo Bootcamp and not even have the word ballet in it. The class was a series of strength training (short intervals) with heavy weights, foundation moves (they seemed like "standard" make-you-burn stretching/strength moves) and cardio (Ciabatta) intervals. The cardio moves were the killer! The intervals varried from 1 minute on, 20 seconds off to 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Amy always showed the next move during the current position and really got us prepared for what was next. She does the entire class with you (without barely breaking a sweat- Girl, are you normal!? xo) and it's really motivating! Legs to your chest, grande plie jumps, squat jumps, etc. really make for a killer workout. Thanks for this awesome class, Amy. I wish I could attend classes on a regular basis (it is currently offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening).

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