Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 8- Arbonne 30 day challenge -Visitors and dining out


22 days to go
down 5 lbs
(second day at the same weight, but I will be very happy if I stay the same until Monday and get back on again then!)

I love double workouts!
This morning when I woke up, I saw the quote, "Don't use the weekend as an excuse to slack off- use is as a reason to get in double workouts!" I retweeted the quote and did just that!

My guests were still sleeping so I got up, made a shake (sans my spinach) and headed to the studio for barre and spin shred.

I had a challenging barre class, but I love how Cassie switches things up during each class. It's always new. Although, there's something to be said of having routine in classes. It's kind of comforting...

Anyway- I worked my hardest in classes and headed home to get ready for our day.

At lunch today (at Bar Toma) I found a salad that I wanted and made it to order. I asked for spinach, double avocado, shrimp, no dressing and evoo on the side. When my salad finally came, it had dressing all over it! 11 minutes later, it came out again... Without shrimp! Oy. Everyone was chowing down on pizza and I was frustrated. Needless to say, when it finally came out it was comped.

I text Jennifer in frustration. I had barely gotten any food in!She told me to be easy on myself and just keep doing my best.

In the evening we went to an engagement house party. It was all home made Mexican food and I ate what looked "clean" but still felt bad about myself after!
Lots of sweets and temptations at an engagement party.

After the engagement party, we headed to a bar and I ordered a salad with chicken (it came out with cheese and I had to pick it off).

RIP: Salad and chicken- the only thing remaining was the cheese!

My husband and friends are planning on going to an all you can eat sushi restaurant tomorrow. I won't eat it so I'm setting myself up for another challenge.But, I'll stay strong!

This has been a trying weekend (eating wise). I'm praying it gets easier. ;(

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