Monday, November 26, 2012

Product Review: True Citrus

The old me really struggled to get my water in. I can drink gallons each day, now. But, I recently found a product that really helps those who aren't huge "water fans" get all of their water in. It's all natural and flavored with stevia.

Product Review:

 True Lemon, True Lime, & True Orange for Cooking, Baking & Beverages (32 packets/box)
---I really like the true lemon and lime. Lemon is probably my favorite. It takes like putting a fresh squeezed lemon into your water. The Orange isn't my favorite. I added quite a few packets to make it have more flavor.

 True Original Lemonade, & True Raspberry Lemonade for Your Water (10 stick packets/box) 
--These are similar to a Crystal Light, except they're all natural. In all honesty, I didn't care for them that much. They aren't as strong as Crystal Light, so prepare your taste buds. Maybe that's why I didn't like them? The Raspberry was decent. The lemonade just didn't seem worth it, I'd stick to the regular "True Lemon" flavor!  I'd still recommend giving them a try. They're natural and only sweetened with stevia. It's a great alternative to artificial sweeteners!
Raspberry Lemonade

True Grapefruit for Your Water (32 packets/box)
--True Grapefruit is a nice surprise! I have never liked grapefruit before but I liked the packet in my water. It had a faint taste so I used two per bottle. YUM! Very refreshing. 

The lemon, orange and lime are great for baking! I read that, but I had to try it out for myself! And...they're right! I used the lemon packets to make a Honey Lemon Balsamic Chicken dish (prior to my Arbonne 30 day challenge due to the vinegar and honey). I mixed the ingredients below to whip up an easy glaze to use on chicken or shrimp. It was delicious

Honey Lemon Balsamic Chicken
1/4 c. of balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp of honey
pepper and salt to taste
2 packets of true lemon

Mix together ingredients in a bowl (I didn't measure so they measurements are approximate. You just want to measure to a glaze consistency)
top you chicken breasts with the mixture
cover and bake for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

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