Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh! I get it...

"Oh! I get it..." That's what I thought of during Spin Shred today. I FINALLY figured out how to sprint in 3rd position. I have super strong legs and so I am fine with regular sprints (I even have to turn the resistance up really high to make sure that I'm not going over that 115 rpm). BUT, I was going SO slow during springs in 3rd. Liz assured me that it was okay to go slow-er. However, I finally shifted my weight back far enough and butt low enough, that I was able to pick up speed using my legs-SCORE!

I had an AMAZING morning! I was signed up for Spin Shred (my favorite class) but figured if I woke up early enough and felt well (darn sinuses) that I'd go to Barre with Cassie. Woop Woop! I woke up super early and had plenty of time to get in for Barre. Cassie had a great class. It's nice to see different instructors and get the positive effects of their differences in teaching. I pushed myself REALLY hard. I held nearly every position and didn't give up. There was a student in our class that was new, and really struggling. I felt for her but (okay I know this sounds mean, but it isn't meant that way) I was really proud of myself. I know that that's exactly how I felt just two weeks ago. I couldn't hold positions, I was fatigued after one set and I felt very out of shape. She came back into class and finished off strong. I made a point to talk to her after class and let her know that it doesn't exactly get easier but you get better at it.

I went into Spin Shred after and always look forward to class with Liz. She's a teacher, like myself, and it shows in her spin classes! We had a great HIIT workout of hills, sprints, standing sprints and rolling hills (which I've never done before-ah-mazing). I struggled a tiny little bit in the shred portion. My muscles were already fatigued from Barre. But, I pulled through and.... I DID MY FIRST TABLETOP PLANK! I held it the entire time! I also held my first regular plank (without knees) in a LONG time for about 30 seconds.  Yayah! Working towards progress--not perfection...yet. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. And rememebr...

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