Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 6- Arbonne 30 day challenge


24 days to go
down 4.5 lbs
(Yes...I do weigh myself daily. Always have, probably always will..)
it's called stomach, not waste basket!!

I am just now sitting down...I started at 5:20 a.m.- my wake-up call to get ready for my 6:00 a.m. barre class. I had a fizzy stick on the way to my morning class. It's a great pick-me-up. I thought when I started that it would simply be like a Crystal Light, but it's most certainly in a class of it's own.

7:00-recovery shake
10:00-stir fry of shrimp, pine nuts, quinoa, garlic olive oil, spinach and mushrooms.

4:30-1 cup of cucumbers (was in a bind and so hungry)
5:30- Whole Foods salad bar meal (I was in a hurry and needed something on the go)- I read all of the ingredients carefully. I had roasted sweet potatoes, kale salad (it had cranberries that were kinda a no-go), chicken and mushrooms. I added almonds and pine nuts for some more fats.

I'm trying to add one more shake in tomorrow and also make sure to carry chews with me incase I need something to hold me over. Jennifer reminded me that I shouldn't be super hungry!

Another exciting note: Liz- a fellow Fit Girl and FGIP reader- got in touch with Jennifer and is now starting her journey with Arbonne. I cannot wait to hear about her journey. She has requested that I post some of recipes. I have been doing super-simple meals (and mostly the same foods) to keep it easy for me. But, I enjoy cooking and plan on posting recipes over the next few weeks. If there's anyone else interested in the program (no, I'm not being a pushy-seller! I think the stuff sells itself) let me know!

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