Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 5- Arbonne 30 day challenge


25 days to go
down 4 lbs
(Yes...I do weigh myself daily. Always have, probably always will..)
After asking countless questions- I am getting the hang of this program! Well, maybe not exactly...but I am trying and tweaking and  changing things. Every day so far has been a bit different (in regards to my eating).

Today's eating agenda:
7:00 a.m.- Recovery shake after spin class (I finally made it "hormonally balanced" with powder, fiber, spinach, almonds, berries and banana.)
9:00 a.m.-shake with spinach and berries
11:45 a.m.- meal- I heated up my spinach, salmon, mushrooms, garlic evoo, quinoa, avocado and spices to make a delicious treat! Funny how heating up the same thing that I ate last night tasted completely different.
4:00 p.m.- meal-Salad with shrimp, spinach, peppers, quinoa, avocado and evoo. 
7:15 p.m. will be my final shake of the night after my 2nd spin class of the day.

I realized that my shakes are super-thick (almost like pudding) if I made them ahead of time with almond milk. If I make with water, they're fine.

If you're going to do the program- be ready to ask questions (I've emailed and text Jennifer/Molly so many times) and keep adjusting. You'll have many things to learn! Like I said, each day has been a bit different-- until I get a better grasp on the program. It's not exactly an "Eat this" type of program. It's more of learning a lifestyle and practicing it. The shakes are simply a way to help you get nutrients in and work on starting that balance (at least that's my take on it so far).  However, with that said, I try to eat the same things each day right now to make it a bit easier. Molly said that many people do the same!

Oh- I am making sure to get in a crazy amount of water. I've had 100 oz already... I'm guessing I'll get in 20-40 more ounces. Am I going to float away?! ;)

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