Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Push it to the limit...

I let myself sleep in the morning and decided that I would take double classes tonight. I had a GREAT night at the studio. I look Ballet Body Bootcamp and Spin.

Ballet Body Bootcamp
-I love this class because it's always different. We did moves that I had no clue could burn so badly. We did tons of jumps, squats, ab work and weights. My body was shaking! But, I pushed myself harder on each movement and faster in each cardio interval. I loved class!

-It was my first time taking class with Betsey. Before class some of the girls were talking about how they love how the bikes work their abs. I looked at Betsey and said, "Um...I must be doing something wrong and I don't know what- BUT I don't feel it in my abs!" We looked at my position and decided that it might be because I am shorter and have a shorter torso. But, I also realized that I need to use a little bit less of my upper-body and focus more on full-rotations from my legs. I really challenged myself to use my abs during positions 2 and 3.

*Shout out to Betsey* I REALLY liked the playlist (push it to the limit, Eminem, Beyonce and a bunch of mash-ups). I also liked the intervals. We did a crazy workout of (I think it went like this..):
5 minute climb
5 sprints - 30 seconds each
4 minute climb
4 sprints- 40 seconds each
3 minute climb
3 sprints- 45 seconds each
2 minute climb
2 springs- 1 min each
and I think one...but I was too tired to notice lol

GREAT day @ the studio and I was reminded again of why I love this place so much: It's an empowering family of women (and Andy) who work together to reach our fitness goals.

Keep up the hard work Fit Girls!

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