Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 15- Arbonne 30 day challenge CRAVINGS AND CHOCOLATE

Day 15
15 Days to go- halfway (although, I think I'll make my "challenge" go until Dec. 19 or 22 when I leave for vacation!)
I'm not weighing myself until next Saturday ( least, I'm going to TRY not to)
note: Don't judge me for my honesty! At least I'm honest! Most people wouldn't dare tell the truth about how ever second of their day goes!
     I'm struggling a bit. I had two spoonfuls of cake today. It was gluten free. It was flourless. BUT- it had sugar and dairy, I'm sure. 
Now, I don't think that it's a horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad thing for people to have cake! But, for ME, right now, it's not what I should be doing. It's not on MY plan!  
     It was the same deathly chocolate cake that we had on Thanksgiving. I brought home two pieces yesterday for my husband (one apple-not my cup-o-tea- and one chocolate). I had it in there for a day without eating it. However, that changed this afternoon., I had a spoonful before I took a nap. UGH. Bad! Then, I threw it away. I must've dreamed about that darn chocolate cake because when I woke up I actually walked to the clean trash bag and got the cake out of the trash (it wasn't as gross as it sounds- it was a new bag and it was in foil. It was however, just as sad and desperate as it sounds) and took another scoop. I then proceeded to throw it away again but before it even make it out of my hands, I grabbed it and almost had another bite. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! I wanted that sweet, chocolaty goodness SO BAD! Let's be honest...two tablespoons/bites of chocolate isn't going to ruin my day. But, it messed with my head! I WANT to stay on plan SO bad. So, why do we hop off? Tonight, I made my shakes with extra berries and stevia in hopes of curbing that sugar craving.
After my morning spin classes, I had a recovery shake that was super balanced. 
Lunch, I went to Bloomingdales Cafe (Forty Carrots) and had a no-mayo tuna salad salad with olive oil and avocados. It was absolteuy heavenly! When I got home, had a half a cup of quinoa to compensate for the lack of carbs in the meals lately.
No-mayo tuna salad and fresh avocado!

For dinner, I was on the run (I'm babysitting tonight) so I made two shakes quickly and took them with me. I was super-thankful for the shakes tonight because I really didn't have time to make a meal.
My new favorite shake:
Spinach, frozen berries, vanilla protein, almonds and stevia
So, question of the day: Who has had crazy struggling with a certain craving?! How do you get over it? I have lots and lots of water on-hand now just incase! That's how I'm trying to curb mine!

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  1. When you have a craving, Brush your teeth! The clean feeling will help curb the craving - you won't want to spoil it with food! Or get out of the house and do something - food out of site, is food out of mind!