Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 4- Arbonne 30 day challenge

26 days to go
down 4 lbs 
(Yes...I do weigh myself daily. Always have, probably always will..)
i will try again tomorrow.
Today was a whirlwind for SURE!
I started my day off with my yummy fizzy stick during  my a.m. class. I took a barre class this morning and didn't feel like I performed at my best. I think that I was just exhausted from yesterday. 

My salad was delish at lunch! 

I'm getting really hungry in the afternoons around 2 or so, though. I was SO proud of myself for NOT giving into the cookies and treats in the front office this morning. I took one of the amazing treats and saved it in my bag for my husband. BUT- When I took my break at 2 p.m.- I gave in and had a few nibbles of this chocolate deliciousness. Not only is it not on plan- it's not gluten free. I was REALLY upset with myself. In addition, I was embarrassed because I posted a little while before about my accomplishment of not eating it! Bummer! Oh well--moving on...

I had a shake after school to tide me over and I just had a balanced dinner. I feel good but upset about what I ate today. Tomorrow is a new day...

I did some grocery shopping tonight to stock up on some essentials. I also got frozen organic kale and spinach to add to my shakes.

I also did a food prep for tomorrow:

my shakes (with spinach, fruit, protein and fiber).

My husband just made salmon and I added it to my salad for tomorrow with pine nuts, avocado, quinoa and mushrooms.

My gym bag is packed and my fizzy stick is made. I'm ready to try to make tomorrow a better day! Spin in the morning and barre and yoga in the evening.

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