Sunday, May 26, 2013

Workout: Memorial Day Madness

After looking at your BBQ schedule for tomorrow you may have realized that...
 1. your gym is probablay closed or has limited hours 
 2. you're pressed for time to get a workout in.

So, in swoops your Fit Girl in Progress!

 Check out my Memorial Day Madness workout to get a quick burst of cardio and some total body training in in 20 minutes!

Let me know how you like it!
ENJOY and have an awesome holiday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthy holiday tips!

This holiday weekend the majority of people will take in an obscene amount of extra (unbalanced) calories while partying by the pool with beers in hand and sitting by the grill with hamburgers and chips on their plate. And, while I think that enjoying good food and having fun is AWESOME and MUCH NEEDED... on top of the crazy caloric intake... most of us will NOT be active this weekend. 


If you're heading to a BBQ or party this weekend try to eat something light before you head out so that you're not SO tempted to eat unnecessary goodness (or if you're like me...things that are tempting but just might make you sick). Also, make sure to get a workout in early in the day will really help you stay on track. I am much less likely to gorge on the bad stuff if I've already busted my booty trying to be healthy by getting my fitness on in the morning. Finally, be prepared! Put a few bars (I like zingbars and kind bars) in your purse and carry a water bottle so you're ready for whatever may come up!

I'm not saying don't eat some good foods, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself! NOT AT ALL! Just start your day off right, keep your goals in mind and be prepared and your weekend will be even better.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Stay focused, fit girls... it's almost SUMMER!

FG Studio Summer Challenge!

I am SO excited for Fit Girl Studio's SUMMER challenge!It's not too late to jump in- the challenge starts on June 1. I KNOW that I will use it as incentive to get my butt workin' out! If you're interested in trying out Fit Girl for the first time, let them know that Fit Girl in Progress sent you ;) Enjoy!

The deets:

 It's Time! Sprint into Summer Fit Girl Challenge
Look fab. Feel great. Win prizes.  
  In case you're not keeping track, summer is less than one month away. Let me repeat:SUMMER IS LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY! But no worries ladies, it only takes a few weeks at Fit Girl to feel beach body ready.  AND since we're totally into doing whatever it takes to make you look and feel your very best, we'd like to challenge you in a fun and uber rewarding contest. 
Take the Fit Girl SPRINT INTO SUMMER Challenge with us!
Ready? Here's how it works:
From June 1- June 21 all Fit Girls will be handsomely rewarded for attending classes, referring friends, and sharing their experience at Fit Girl Studio.
Set? How it all breaks down:
  • Earn one point for each day of class attendance
  • Earn two points for each friend you refer to Fit Girl Studio (must be new client)
  • Earn one additional point each day you share your Fit Girl experience and mention it on facebook, twitter, or instagram (**you must tag @fitgirlstudio and #fgsummersprint for tracking)   
GO! What's at stake:
Besides looking fab and feeling great (all challengers are winners!) the top 3 Fit Girls with the most points win:
1st Place - $250 lululemon gift card 
2nd Place - $100 Nike gift card
3rd Place - $80 Michael Anthony Salon gift certificate
GAME ON & GOOD LUCK! Oh, and may the force of Fit Girl be with you!
 No registration required! Attendance, referrals, social media tags, and point totals will be tracked from June 1 to June 21 automatically.
For more information email

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Part of being a FitGirl (in progress)

I was sitting here thinking about what being a Fit Girl means to me and I realized that its way more than simply working out at a fun studio named "Fit Girl."

Since starting at fit girl I've been thrown into this environment where everyone is supportive. It's been nearly 7 months since I first contacted Michelle about Fit Girl. Since then I've taken this crazy fitness journey and learned that it was much more about learning about myself than just fitness. I've learned that I can achieve pretty much anything I want if I stick to it. I learned that having a supportive group of like minded people around you can make all of the difference and I learned that its most certainly about progress not perfection.

So- to me.. Being a fit girl means:
Being part of something wonderful. Taking health and fitness and placing it as a huge priority in your life. It means waking up early and pushing yourself through challenging times. It means working hard and focusing on progress not perfection. Being a FitGirl is pretty fabulous ;)

Thanks for all you've given me and all you've helped me grow- Fit Girl Studio !

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sticking to plan! Cardio day- check!

Just checking in with my fellow fit girls! I spoke to Gina, a fab instructor at FG , and discussed balancing workouts with cardio- strength alternating and adding stretching/yoga in. Today was cardio and while I didn't find the energy to go straight to the studio after school (I ended up missing classes)- I did get up and clock in a 5k run and some strength training when I got home!

I grew up in Florida so today's heat was all to familiar! I love running by the lake after a hot day when it's just starting to cool down. I had a great run and I'm very proud of myself! Thanks, Gina, Michellr and all of the other Fit Girls for helping keep me on track!

Group cycling certified!

Yesterday, I DID IT! I finished my group cycling certification. I was so proud if myself for completing a goal for myself that I set for the year!

We practiced running our own song and broke into teams to help create a class playlist. I had a lot of fun and got a great workout in. Maybe with more practice, I can lead my own class someday! If you've got a goal- GO for it! You've got nothing to lose :)


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chasin' dreams, settin' goals and smashin' them!

I found my love for fitness a few years ago when I picked up running. I never did team sports growing up (I danced, swam, tennis, etc) and I never thought I was that athletic. I was overweight and felt doomed to stay that way. But, running was my first step to learning to love fitness and learning how to set fitness goals for myself. However, since coming to Fit Girl Studio, I realized that I could accomplish much more than I ever thought possible. My most recent goal? To get my "group cycling" (aka "spin") instructor certification. Today, I find myself halfway towards accomplishing that goal!

I put my goal in writing, signed up and now I'm smashing that goal! 

Today was my first day of a two part instructor certification class. I learned about teaching bike set-up, coaching positions and postures, form, etc. I got a bit of practice coaching with another student and even got a mini-spin class (30) mins and some ab work in. 3 hours later- I'm halfway to my goal! I'm excited to see what tomorrow holds.

Thanks for a great first day, Michelle! :)

Back on track! 33 days until summer!

I've worked my little BUTT off this past week in an effort to get in the best shape that I can, and get back on track, by summer! For me, I know that setting goals and challenges (personal) are so very important. I do best when I stick with very specific and attainable goals and take it day-by-day. I wanted to go this week with working out EVERY day (even though some days it was just being active with my niece) and sticking to Paleo with NO SUGAR. It's Saturday and I've done that. I got to spin a few times and sculpt fusion yoga. Now, I'm getting ready for spin instructor training (which i'm SO excited about!). I kept focused and on track and it shows. I have already lost that water-weight/bloat and I just feel better.

On that note, I share with you a quote that I found and just love...

Hope you have a GREAT Saturday, Fit Girls!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

35 days until SUMMER!

If you can't tell-- I've been struggling for MONTHS now.
A few sweets turned into daily runs to get gluten-free cupcakes.
A few skip days from the studio turned into only going 2-3 times a week.
Deciding not to do morning class every morning turned into NEVER taking morning classes (except for two weeks ago when I did it as a "challenge" to myself).
Missing a few barre classes turned into NEVER going to barre and ONLY going to spin.
A few slip-ups over a few months and...BAM! 10ish lbs are back on and I feel MISERABLE.

I don't feel miserable because of the number on the scale. I feel miserable in my skin because I worked my A$S off to get myself in shape and I feel a though I've let myself and everyone around me down.

Sure, I ate generally healthy. I was still active and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But, for ME that doesn't work. For me, being healthy and continuing on this weight-loss and healthy living journey takes 100% focus and dedication. I can't just eat what I want. My body doesn't work that way. I can't just workout sporadically. My body needs consistent strength training and cardio. I need to STAY FOCUSED.

So, I'm here t tell you that I'm on day 3 of
-No sugar
-Workouts daily (Studio 5 times a week)
-Planning my meals.

I KNOW that I can achieve my goals
-if I'm honest
-if i'm focused
-if I am sticking to my plan.

So...Here it is. A new start. I'm tired of starting over so I need to stop giving up.
I'm setting off on another challenge: The 35 (tomorrow) days until summer challenge!

I need to do this for myself to remind myself of what I can achieve. I need to be strict (the healthy way) because I KNOW that's what MY body needs. And, I need to kickstart my on-track lifestyle again.

Join my on my journey- and let me know how your journey is going!


Love your Fit Girl IN PROGRESS

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You'll never get these minutes back...

In spin class this morning, Michelle said something that reminded me of how I need to stay dedicated. Michelle said to us during a climb, "If that felt easy to you, it probably was. Push yourself harder- you'll never get these minutes back!"

I/me/we are NEVER going to get these minutes back. Each minute, day, week or month that you've set a goal and veered off from it, you've thrown that time away. When you choose not to give it your all- you're standing still.

So, just incase you need a reminder today... work hard to stay focused and accomplish those goals because... You'll never get these minutes back!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Progress and goal setting

Hey FG's!

I hope you've had a wonderful MONDAY and that it wasn't just another manic Monday... (ya, I got jokes...)! 
Last week I had set two goals for myself:
1. Break my sugar habit
2. Take 5 morning classes.

How did I do?
1. I haven't broken that sugar habit. I did well for a few days and then I found my way back to the sugar. It's almost like I NEED to do a 21 day sugar detox. Oy :/
2. I took 5 morning classes and went for 3 evening runs! WOOHOO! I struggled a few mornings a week. It's really easy for me to get up for spin but the other classes not so much. I fought thru it and went to FIVE morning classes last week! I took the weekend off to recover and just stay active via living the city life (walking downtown, etc).

How am I doing this week?
 Well, it's Monday..

1. I had a gluten-free cupcake and chocolate today. YES, I KNOW! I'm YELLING at myself too! But, I'm HONEST! I have to find a way to break this darn cycle. Tips?! I need to think of something to tell myself before I reach for that sugar.
2. I did NOT wakeup for my morning class. However, I did get my tired butt up off of the couch and get to spin tonight. I kicked butt and felt proud. Thanks, Kathlneen for being so motivating tonight!

What's my gameplan for the week:
1. Figure out a way to get myself out of this sugar funk!
2. Get my butt to the studio 5 days this week
3. Take at least 3 barre classes this week

What are YOUR goals for the week? Come on... SHARE THEM WITH ME! If you haven't set goals yet, CHOOSE TWO and POST them here! Let's keep each other accountable!