Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthy holiday tips!

This holiday weekend the majority of people will take in an obscene amount of extra (unbalanced) calories while partying by the pool with beers in hand and sitting by the grill with hamburgers and chips on their plate. And, while I think that enjoying good food and having fun is AWESOME and MUCH NEEDED... on top of the crazy caloric intake... most of us will NOT be active this weekend. 


If you're heading to a BBQ or party this weekend try to eat something light before you head out so that you're not SO tempted to eat unnecessary goodness (or if you're like me...things that are tempting but just might make you sick). Also, make sure to get a workout in early in the day will really help you stay on track. I am much less likely to gorge on the bad stuff if I've already busted my booty trying to be healthy by getting my fitness on in the morning. Finally, be prepared! Put a few bars (I like zingbars and kind bars) in your purse and carry a water bottle so you're ready for whatever may come up!

I'm not saying don't eat some good foods, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself! NOT AT ALL! Just start your day off right, keep your goals in mind and be prepared and your weekend will be even better.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Stay focused, fit girls... it's almost SUMMER!

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