Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chasin' dreams, settin' goals and smashin' them!

I found my love for fitness a few years ago when I picked up running. I never did team sports growing up (I danced, swam, tennis, etc) and I never thought I was that athletic. I was overweight and felt doomed to stay that way. But, running was my first step to learning to love fitness and learning how to set fitness goals for myself. However, since coming to Fit Girl Studio, I realized that I could accomplish much more than I ever thought possible. My most recent goal? To get my "group cycling" (aka "spin") instructor certification. Today, I find myself halfway towards accomplishing that goal!

I put my goal in writing, signed up and now I'm smashing that goal! 

Today was my first day of a two part instructor certification class. I learned about teaching bike set-up, coaching positions and postures, form, etc. I got a bit of practice coaching with another student and even got a mini-spin class (30) mins and some ab work in. 3 hours later- I'm halfway to my goal! I'm excited to see what tomorrow holds.

Thanks for a great first day, Michelle! :)

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