Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back on track! 33 days until summer!

I've worked my little BUTT off this past week in an effort to get in the best shape that I can, and get back on track, by summer! For me, I know that setting goals and challenges (personal) are so very important. I do best when I stick with very specific and attainable goals and take it day-by-day. I wanted to go this week with working out EVERY day (even though some days it was just being active with my niece) and sticking to Paleo with NO SUGAR. It's Saturday and I've done that. I got to spin a few times and sculpt fusion yoga. Now, I'm getting ready for spin instructor training (which i'm SO excited about!). I kept focused and on track and it shows. I have already lost that water-weight/bloat and I just feel better.

On that note, I share with you a quote that I found and just love...

Hope you have a GREAT Saturday, Fit Girls!

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