Wednesday, May 15, 2013

35 days until SUMMER!

If you can't tell-- I've been struggling for MONTHS now.
A few sweets turned into daily runs to get gluten-free cupcakes.
A few skip days from the studio turned into only going 2-3 times a week.
Deciding not to do morning class every morning turned into NEVER taking morning classes (except for two weeks ago when I did it as a "challenge" to myself).
Missing a few barre classes turned into NEVER going to barre and ONLY going to spin.
A few slip-ups over a few months and...BAM! 10ish lbs are back on and I feel MISERABLE.

I don't feel miserable because of the number on the scale. I feel miserable in my skin because I worked my A$S off to get myself in shape and I feel a though I've let myself and everyone around me down.

Sure, I ate generally healthy. I was still active and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But, for ME that doesn't work. For me, being healthy and continuing on this weight-loss and healthy living journey takes 100% focus and dedication. I can't just eat what I want. My body doesn't work that way. I can't just workout sporadically. My body needs consistent strength training and cardio. I need to STAY FOCUSED.

So, I'm here t tell you that I'm on day 3 of
-No sugar
-Workouts daily (Studio 5 times a week)
-Planning my meals.

I KNOW that I can achieve my goals
-if I'm honest
-if i'm focused
-if I am sticking to my plan.

So...Here it is. A new start. I'm tired of starting over so I need to stop giving up.
I'm setting off on another challenge: The 35 (tomorrow) days until summer challenge!

I need to do this for myself to remind myself of what I can achieve. I need to be strict (the healthy way) because I KNOW that's what MY body needs. And, I need to kickstart my on-track lifestyle again.

Join my on my journey- and let me know how your journey is going!


Love your Fit Girl IN PROGRESS

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