Monday, May 6, 2013

Progress and goal setting

Hey FG's!

I hope you've had a wonderful MONDAY and that it wasn't just another manic Monday... (ya, I got jokes...)! 
Last week I had set two goals for myself:
1. Break my sugar habit
2. Take 5 morning classes.

How did I do?
1. I haven't broken that sugar habit. I did well for a few days and then I found my way back to the sugar. It's almost like I NEED to do a 21 day sugar detox. Oy :/
2. I took 5 morning classes and went for 3 evening runs! WOOHOO! I struggled a few mornings a week. It's really easy for me to get up for spin but the other classes not so much. I fought thru it and went to FIVE morning classes last week! I took the weekend off to recover and just stay active via living the city life (walking downtown, etc).

How am I doing this week?
 Well, it's Monday..

1. I had a gluten-free cupcake and chocolate today. YES, I KNOW! I'm YELLING at myself too! But, I'm HONEST! I have to find a way to break this darn cycle. Tips?! I need to think of something to tell myself before I reach for that sugar.
2. I did NOT wakeup for my morning class. However, I did get my tired butt up off of the couch and get to spin tonight. I kicked butt and felt proud. Thanks, Kathlneen for being so motivating tonight!

What's my gameplan for the week:
1. Figure out a way to get myself out of this sugar funk!
2. Get my butt to the studio 5 days this week
3. Take at least 3 barre classes this week

What are YOUR goals for the week? Come on... SHARE THEM WITH ME! If you haven't set goals yet, CHOOSE TWO and POST them here! Let's keep each other accountable!


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