Sunday, November 4, 2012

The perfect change--Arbonne

Yesterday, after my Spin Shred class, I stayed for a nutritional seminar at the studio.

I quickly realized that it was a seminar on yet another protein shake/supplement program. However, I sat and listened (as my hidden passion is anything fitness/nutrition related). Molly and Jennifer were there to discuss the Arbonne products. I listened to Jennifer and Molly tell me their stories and the road to living healthy lifestyles. I've been in a very similar situation as Jennifer; I work out, I eat healthy and yet I'm still sick, tired and not at my optimal position.

The biggest thing that got my wheels turning, was hearing that The U.S. Health Dept. suggests that American take supplemental vitamins because our food has become such vitamin deficient. I did some research on it when I got home and I was shocked. Our fruits and vegetables can have up to 2/3 less vitamins than they had 50 years ago. I went to my sister-in-law's house and discussed this with my brother-in-law (who is in pharmaceuticals). He also told me that much of the reason is because of pesticides. We all think of pesticides as making the food "dirty." However, it also breaks down the nutrients in the food itself!
O.M.G.! NO WAY! LIGHT BULB: No wonder why we're all fat! We're eating food and none of it has substantial nutrients! Even when we buy conventional produce, we're only getting 1/3 of the nutrients that we "think" we're getting. Therefore, we're all either walking around "starving" or we binge on other food because we're still hungry! It makes total sense!

With that said, I was sold on Arbonne. I KNOW that we all need more nutrients and it's not some hokey program. The program is about practicing  a healthy lifestyle and making sure that we're keeping our bodies filled with nutrients and rid of toxins.It's about clean eating and figuring out what YOUR body can and cannot eat (wheat/gluten--I've got that one covered--sugar, dairy, soy, etc).

I'm still learning about the program, but I just put my first order in (with the help of my wonderful sponsors) and I should be ready to start on Thursday!

Let's put it this way... what I'm doing currently, is not working. If it's not working, we need to figure out why and change it! Arbonne seems like the perfect product to start making a new change.

Stay tuned for more posts on Arbonne in my FG nutrition section. As I learn more about this wonderful product line, I'll be sure to post!

TOTALLY drenched after Spin Shred!

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  1. I'd like to hear how you like the products. I have never heard of this company before? I'm a fellow fit girl, it's fun to hear your take on the classes. See you around :)