Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 12-Arbonne 30 Day Challenge


  18 days to go
down 7.5  lbs
Today was a teeny bit challenging. I swear, I always start going hard-core with eating clean during the holidays. Last year, I started my "diet" the day after Thanksgiving. I had pre-packaged food (MediFast) and shakes and stuck to it 100%. I even took my food in my annual winter cruise! Who does that?! I kept 25 of the 40 lbs lost for my wedding. Although, want to know something funny. I now weigh 11 lbs more than I did on my wedding day but look more toned and about the same size in clothes! Funny what muscle can do.
Now, back to the challenges
-Teacher's Assistant appreciation day= morning breakfast of bagels, coffee cake, donuts, donut holes, juices and coffee. I felt really bad because my coworker had gotten me to favorite coffee. I did drink some and said, "Thank you."
-SWEETS GALORE in the office (which I walk back 20 times a day). Finally towards the end of the day they put out a fruit salad with fresh fruit and marshmallows. I picked at it and had that as a snack.
-This evening I decided to bake for my sister-in-law's birthday. I thought I'd be cute and creative and make something that took a long time to bake. I'll post pictures after she gets it tomorrow lol. However, that just meant extra time IN THE KITCHEN. Which isn't exactly what I wanted... I ended up having a few licks of frosting. I was a bit bummed but let's be real...if I had a few licks of frosting and didn't eat a whole piece of cake or lick the batter bowl (gross!)- I did a pretty darn good job. I'll give myself a pat on the back, even if I still cheated some!
I talked to Molly on the phone today and talked about the gameplan for the next week. I did my 2nd day of the 7 day cleanse detox juice (an additional juice added to your day) today. I will do two more days next week. I am also going to make an "alkaline broth" which is like a soup. 
I'm feeling good and motivated to continue to reach my ultimate goals in fitness, nutrition, weight and overall happiness. I've gotta stay motivated- I can do it!

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