Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3- Arbonne 30 day challenge!

27 days to go
down 3.5 lbs 
(Yes...I do weigh myself daily. Always have, probably always will..)

I talked to Molly today and she made a great point: I'm keeping is simple and clean! I had a great day of eating. I'm keeping a pretty regular schedule of "eating" as follows:

7 a.m.- post workout recovery shake
11 a.m.- first balanced meal
3 p.m.- either a meal or a shake (today it was a meal because I knew I'd be heading into yoga at 7:30 and a shake is the easiest thing to digest)
7 p.m.- shake or meal.
My lunch today was still made of my staples but I added chili olive oil to my quinoa and mixed it with avocado. YUM-O!

My shake tonight was so thick that it was like eating pudding! I clearly didn't put enough water in it but my strawberries and almond milk really made it thick- MmMmM!

After class tonight, I came home and did a quick prep for tomorrow. Tomorrow, is my first day of following this program at work. After school, I watch my niece. I might not get home until late. But, I'm planning on making salmon for dinner. Hopefully things will go smoothly-- as I've planned ahead as much as possible.

Meal prep for work on Tuesday: Fizzy stick in water for pre-workout. I have a recovery shake with fiber, banana and strawberries for my post-workout recovery and breakfast. I made a salad with quinoa, shrimp, avocado, vegetables and some evoo. Finally, I made my afternoon shake with berries.

I'm feeling great and very determined to stay on plan! Sweet dreams, Fit Girls!

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