Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 7- Arbonne 30 day Challenge: Dining out- a challenge in itself...

Day 7

23 days to go
down 5 lbs
(Yes...I do weigh myself daily. Always have, probably always will..)

Tonight was my first big challenge on the program. We have friends visiting and we were going to dinner with a big group. While going out to dinner gives me a bit if anxiety (what to order that won't make me sick because of gluten and now- what's on plan) anyway, today was a bigger challenge. It's one thing to go out to dinner with your close friends or family, who know all about your health journey, and its another to be I a group of 8 people.

We went to one of my favorite local spots- Rj Grunts. The restaurant had a salad bar (my fave). They usually had a quinoa salad that I was looking forward to. I thought I'd use that or a sweet potato as my carb. However, I has no such luck on either front.

When it was my turn to order, I orders the salad bar with a side of grilled chicken breast. I made my first plate (spinach, beets, peppers, evoo and sunflower seeds). I wasn't satisfied at all. When my grilled chicken came out, I decided to ask if they has avocado. They did! Score! Our server brought me out fresh sliced avocado (and only charged me $1). I made a new salad with celery, cucumbers and raddish added to it (yum)!

I had two nibbles of my favorite desert (this cream cheese spread with chocolate chips that I previously would dip strawberries in). However, it didn't feel that great going down and was not worth it. I put down my fork, covered my plate and drank up some more water. I was already full, it was late and there was no need to eat just for the sake of eating!

My first dining out experience wasn't too shabby! Although, with that one stomach is absolutely killing me! Feels like I have been glutened, but I didn't eat gluten! Maybe, I cannot handle dairy. Oh duh, that is a huge point of the 30 program (to figure out what you can and cannot handle by eliminating it for 30 days). I need to be better about no more cheats. I'm only cheating myself (no, but really...).

Do you have social anxiety about eating out? What do you do to make eating out, healthy, a bit easier?

Today's food log:
7:00- recovery shake
10:00- lunch (my usually with salmon and shrimp)
8:30- dinner (my dining out experience)

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