Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mind garbage=terrible class

Preface: Sarah, you're amazing- my "terrible class" had nothing to do with you! It was all me!
I want to learn to do this! SO badly!

So I had planned on taking today off. My Fit Girls at Fit Girl Studio know me too well-- I'm incapable of taking a day off lol. I didn't take barre this morning. I REALLY needed that extra sleep (it was amazing, by the way). But, after school (work) today, I didn't need to watch my niece so I headed over to Fit Girl for Ballet Body Bootcamp Torture (love!). Man was it challenging. I think that Amy wanted to kill us tonight-haha! Between the burpees, planks, wall sits and lunges- my whole body is killin'!

After BBC BCT, I (of course) stayed for spin class. As I always do, I set up my bike. Then, I walked over to my locked and check my email and texts. I got an email that was really upsetting and completely caught me off guard. I thought to myself, "Oh well. I'm upset but I'll use my emotions in class and fight it off." Yeah, that was NOT happening. I started out okay. I was smiling and bopping along. Um, I immediately found myself distracted with mind garbage (other thoughts that take focus away!) after a few minutes. I barely heard anything the instructor was saying (sorry Sarah, wasn't you) and sat in first positions just peddling away most of class. I tried to do my climbs and such. I had zero focus. I sat down and kept looking at the time to see if class was almost over. I contemplated getting up and leaving (I've never done that at FGS before). In the end, I told myself that it was better to have a crappy ride (and ride at a moderate pace nonstop) than stopping and not working out at all. I did just that. I left sweating, full of mind garbage but proud of myself for pushing through. Now, if only I had mastered yoga so that I could do it at home by myself tonight. Ehhh--oh well. I'm off to grocery shop (and hopefully not make emotional decisions on my groceries of choice because of my mind garbage) and then shower and relax!

Who has had this happen before? How'd you handle mind garbage during a workout?!

I really like this. We all need to reminded of this (frequently).

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