Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spinnin' outtah control!

I started my day off with spin class at 6:15 this morning and I'll end my day with candlelight restorative yoga (ohmm-g)! But, I'm also taking  a second dose of spin at the 6:30 p.m. spin class with Liz. I LOVE my some spin. I know that it's double cardio. But, my only class tomorrow will be barre! Plus, I was wearing myself down (my muscles) with barre every day. Somehow I do a lot better with overload on cardio; maybe it's from all of my running training? Speaking of running, I have a 5k next week and I haven't really been running much at all. I should probabaly get on that- at least a few runs a week., But, who the heck wants to run when it's in the 20s with wind chill?! NOT ME!

This morning was the first morning since starting at Fit Girl that I struggled waking up. I mean, I got up on the first alarm but I was just SO sluggish. It made me think... what is everyone elses morning routine like?

My get-ready-for-the-next-day routine:
my gym back my school bag, my vitamins, both pairs of shoes, water, headband, shower bag and makeup (I'm a teacher though- let's be real...I rarely put on makeup), coat... yeah... I have a LOT of stuff to set out!

I pack my lunch, make my shakes, set out my vitamins and waters for the day, set out my gym clothes and my work clothes at my table the night before.

It was a really hard adjustment (even more hard than waking up early). I'm used to taking my sweet time in the morning and getting ready and slowly heading off to school. Now, I wake up so early that not only do I not want to do all of that in the morning, I don't want to wake up my husband. On top of that, I have to go to bed so early (9:30-to make sure that I get 8 hours of sleep) that there's no way that I would want to go to bed early and wake up earlier. At any rate- I have started this routine but at times, I feel like I come straight home from work, go to the studio, get my stuff ready, get in my early and wake up early. I haven't had a life lately!

Even my husband told me, "You're married to the gym!" He also told me that my butt looks great and asked me if I was doing "butt exercises." Well, DUH Sherlock! I kindly told him yes and explained to him what barre class is again ;) He approves.

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