Monday, November 26, 2012

Alkaline Broth- Day 17-Arbonne 30 day Challenge

DETOX, please!
13 days to go
-not weighing myself until Friday

I had a long weekend full of family, shopping and dining out! I didn't indulge too much. However, I still feel cruddy.

This morning I took a spin class and something was just off. I was in a bad mood. I couldn't stay focused. I felt out of it. I was on my way to work and I got SO sick to my stomach. I tried to stick it out at work but I just couldn't do it. Way to start a week. I headed home and put together my "Alkaline Broth" aka a veggie soup broth and am now resting on my couch. I feel okay now-- I hope that it's not a stomach bug that's slowly creeping in and instead that it was just a momentary thing. :/ I have to say- my green protein shake this morning made me want to puke (looking at it).

Here's Jennifer's recipe for the Alkaline Broth.
The only real rule is:  
1/3 greens (salad greens)
1/3 green veggies
1/3 starchy veggies.
You can add whatever seasonings you'd like.

Alkaline Broth

Greens (salad greens)
3/4 bag of spinach
3/4 bag of kale
3/4 bag of"Southern Greens Blend (turnips, collar/mustard greens)
Seaweed (I didn't use. I didn't have it)

Other non-starchy veggies:
Green beans (half of a bag. I used frozen organic from Trader Joe's)
Broccoli – 1 crown (large chunks- I used half a bag of florets)
1 Zucchini – (cubed)
3 stalks of celery – (cut in large chunks)
Brussel Sprouts (I did not use. I didn't have them on hand)
3 Carrots – (cut in large chunks, skin on)
Onion – ½-1 whole (large chunks)

Starchy Veggies:
Sweet Potato – 1 (large cubes, skin on)
Potato – 1 (large cubes, skin on)

This is what I used...
Black Pepper

other suggestions.... 
cilantro( I'm allergic), jalapenos, crushed red pepper, etc.


Fill a large stock pot (8 quart is usually fine) with all the veggies, then fill
with water.
Bring to a boil, simmer for 4-6 hours.

Jennifer says....
I save some of veggies and puree to eat as a side - sometimes mix with
rice quinoa, and/or broth for a soup.
I freeze the broth in smaller tupperware so it lasts longer - usually in 2-3
serving sizes so I get a few days out of it once I thaw it out.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow for my review!

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