Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double the pleasure- double the fun...

...double spin classes today!

The morning started out with a nice stroll on over to Mr. Greg's spin class at 6:15 a.m. I walked into the studio and was welcomed by a huge smiling face, coffee and candy! I didn't partake in either at first (I had some coffee after class) BUT both made me morning that much better. I had an intense ride this morning. I focused on myself and pushed myself pretty darn hard. I didn't want to finish class upset that I didn't push myself as hard as I could've for the 45 minutes that I was in there (I mean- let's be's ONLY 45 minutes out of my day).

After a crazy day at The Kohl's Children's Museum (with 50 children under the age of 5), I needed a nap! But-- pit-stop first: Lululemon!

I ran by Lululemon on Halsted and grabbed some barre socks (almost like these) , a new headband (which, I HATE. Maybe I can return it?! I should've looked at the reviews- it doesn't stay on my head!) and an awesome new sports-bra. The girls were super-helpful. They asked what I was in for. I mentioned that I just started spinning again and am a barre novice. I told them that I was taking classes at Fit Girl and that I really liked it. Their eyes lit up when I mentioned Fit Girl Studio! They've recently tried classes there and LOVED it. One girl even said, "Don't try Spin Shred- it's SO hard!" My response, "That's my favorite class so far. It's a killer!" I also mentioned that I was blogging about my experience and they were stoked and excited to follow it.

After my little nap, I geared up and headed back over to the studio for my second spin class of the day. I was going to take barre tonight, but I'm taking my first Cardio Barre class tomorrow and was nervous about taking doubles. I felt like every muscle in my body was worked after my last double barre class experience!

I'm to thankful to have gotten my butt to Fit Girl tonight- Liz had a great playlist ready for us in honor of Halloween (Thriller, Ghost Busters, Disturbia, Rocky Horror, etc). In addition, she put together a crazy-good workout! I held my isolations the best that I've done so far. I turned my resistance up higher than ever before on my climbs. I sprinted with all of my energy, remembering that it would only last a short period. And, ya know what?! I left class feeling so strong and proud. I didn't look like a newbie and I felt great.

After class, I brought my husband by to see the studio.  Funny thing, he went to high school with one of Fit Girls that works at the studio. Such a small world.

....andddddddd- scene! I'm exhausted! Time for bed; gotta get my Fit Girl sleep on!

Sorry for the creepy looking picture, but I love the quote!

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