Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm no longer a FGStudio Virgin!

WOW! I just got back from Fit Girl Studio and had the most amazing first class.

I was greeted by two Fit Girls (Amy and... ah, I forgot) when I entered, with smiling faces! I got checked in and was given a quick tour of the studio. When you enter, there's a seating area and "store" to pick up any of your Fit Girl needs. The studio consists of a spin studio and beautiful yoga/barre studio. They also have a locker room and coat racks with plenty of room for all of your schtuff. Finally, I know this sounds crazy...but... they have a locker room with ::drum roll:: SHOWERS! I was nervous that with a small studio, they wouldn't have showers available. But, fret no more! I can indeed get a morning workout in each morning and get all cleaned up again before heading off to work for the day. Can you say--- shot of endorphins to start the day?! 

Spin Studio
I had Amy help me get set up on my bike before class. I was a bit nervous because the bikes are super high-tech- I've never used a bike like it before (even in my super-fancy athletic club). The bikes actually sway with your body (think....the feeling of riding a real bike). I was reminded that they're intense and it'll help me use my core (it sure did). In addition, the bikes have a bar that lists your elapsed time, RPM and miles. Once I got comfortable on the bike, I loved it! The studio was very clean, cozy and the perfect temperature.

Class Review- Spin Shred:
AMAZE-BALLS! The Spin Shred class was lead by Michelle, the owner of Fit Girl Studio. The class is described on their website as follows:
Spin meet your new best friend: Total Body Conditioning. 
Shred hundreds of calories in this 60 min 
fat burning, 
muscle toning class. 
(20 spin + 20 strength + 20 spin)

WOW- It was no joke! I'm sure that my next class at Fit Girl will become my "favorite" class but right now...Spin Shred is my new favorite class! 
20 min-spin:    We had a great ride for the first 20 minutes consisting of a flat ride, climb and sprints. 
20 min- strength:    After 20 minutes, we hopped off of our bikes and headed to the yoga/barre studio. We all grabbed two sets of weights (they had 1,2 and 3 lb weights), our towels and water and headed to the mirrors. We had an awesome 20 minutes of kickboxing/turbo kick style strength exercises (with weights) and time for push-ups and stretches at the barre. After the 20 minutes in the room, Michelle told us, "Leave your weights where they are; we'll clean them up for you! Head on over to the bikes and let's get ready to ride!" I LOVE it
20 min-spin:    Our final 20 minutes totally flew by. We started with a climb. Then, as Michelle put it, "Things got jumppy!" with a series of jumps. Next, we did a series of sprints (20 seconds hard, 10 seconds rest). Finally, we finished with a cool-down and stretches

Can you tell that I absolutely LOVED my first class?!? I thanked Michelle for a wonderful class, grabbed my things and headed out the door. I was SO sweaty, high or endorphins and excited about my first class that I walked out the door without my coat shorts... and a short sleeve 40 degree weather. Oops! I realized after 15 seconds outside in the wind that I might want to put on my jacket- Toto, we're not in Florida anymore!

I can't wait to try a "regular" spin class tomorrow morning with Sarah and my very first Barre class tomorrow night with Amy!

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