Monday, October 29, 2012

Barre- you want me to do what?!?

Holy guacamole
My entire body has a twinge of soreness- is totally sore. Thanks, Amy!

I got to class early and was able to chat with some of the other Fit Girls. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. I love this place more and more!

Tonight, I did my second class of the day. I also wore my "I <3 two a days" shirt. I tried barre for the first time . I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I have a dance background and am pretty flexible I was flexible before I became a runner. I thought the class would be challenging but....that's totally an understatement. At the end of class, Amy asked me how I liked it. My response, "Um, so I thought running a marathon was difficult..." My cousin, an avid barre girl,  quickly reminded me that it's a completely different type of workout from running. Then, she reassured me that, "It's so hard at first but your muscles adjust. You see changes quickly. Oh, and when your legs shake- it's a good thing!" haha

Class Review- Barre:
Upon entering class, you grab two sets of weights and a strap. Don't forget your water (even though I didn't touch it during the actual class) and a towel (yes, you do sweat!). Then, you head to the barre to begin.
The class consists of various series of workouts focusing on abs, calves, glutes, arms, hips/thighs. I felt like there was a good mix of ballet, Pilates and strength exercises. But honestly, words don't do the class justice. It's not like anything that I've ever experienced. Now, I have a whole new monster to tackle... I feel like I'm a pretty good runner, I kick butt in spin and now I need to master this thing called barre..

I'm taking another class with Amy in the morning. I promised to stretch, so off I go... ohhh...ouchhh...eeks...okay...I'm up .

What's your experience with barre classes? Help a new girl out!

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