Friday, October 26, 2012

Dreaming of being a Fit Girl

This summer, my husband and I were taking a stroll down Clark St. in our neighborhood. I saw a storefront window with brightly colored pink paper. I wasn't sure if it was an advertisement for a new froyo place or maybe just "junk" wallpaper covering  yet another closed city storefront. To my surprise, I saw a beautiful pink logo with the words "Fit Girl Studio" on it. Seriously?! A new fitness studio just across the street from my house? I had to find out more!

When I got home I looked up the website and found out that they were a fitness studio specializing in Barre, Yoga and spin classes. I had just re-joined another athletic club, but was excited to learn more about Fit Girl. I HAD to try it out! Months went by and I continued to stalk their website to learn more. 

Fit Girl Lincoln Park opened last month. Today, I contacted Michelle (the owner of Fit Girl Studios) and asked her if she'd be willing to sponsor me on my journey to become a Fit Girl (my teacher's assistant budget just wouldn't allow me to do it on my own at this point). I know I need help to reach my fitness goals and I thought it might be a longshot but you have to ask; if you don't ask, you'll never know. 

Just ask about hour after sending Michelle an email, she responded letting me know that she'd love to help me on my journey! I was elated! I CRIED- literally broke down in happy tears- on the CTA! I didn't care if everyone saw me grinning from ear to ear AND crying at the same time--- Fit Girl Studios has ALREADY changed my life by giving me this opportunity!

With that said- it's so-long generic athletic club and HELLO to being a FIT GIRL! Please join me on my progress to fitness, health and happiness in the city! 

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