Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm living--- it's a lifestyle!

I've made living healthy and fit a lifestyle. It isn't a diet. It isn't about counting calories and then rushing to burn them off at studio. I work my butt off and I eat clean and I feel good. It's kind of that simple. Yeah, I use protein (I found one that WORKS for me and feels clean to me) and restrict my eating (I cut out sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy and soy) BUT I LIVE!

My vacation started a few days ago. I'm at my parent's house before we head off for a cruise for a week. My husband got in today and I went to Moe's for a quick lunch before heading to the mall. I checked their allergy paper (I am allergic to gluten and have a sensitivity to dairy) to see what I could eat. I made a clean salad (some things had soy but I ate it anyway). I did what I could with what I had. I wasn't going to NOT eat- I LIVED and ate a (relatively) clean meal.

This afternoon, I was tired! I wanted to head back to the mall to exchange something with my husband but knew I could either take a nap before or workout. I always feel better after working out so I put my workout clothes on and did my Holiday Hottie workout from Fit Girl Studio (it did help that Michelle tweeted about the workout and asked if anyone had tried it yet. I had to do it after I saw that and realized that I didn't try it yet!) I couldn't believe how exhausted I was from 20 minutes of working out at HIIT! I was tired before but felt great after- I LIVED.
DRIPPING sweat after my HIIT workout! Thanks, Fit Girl Studio!

Tonight, instead of going out to dinner, my mom made a dinner at home for my husband's birthday. She made salmon, chicken, asparagus, clean guacamole and squash. I ate balanced (I put chicken, squash, asparagus and guacamole on top of a bed of spinach lettuce) and I LIVED my healthy lifestyle. I didn't push it on anyone else, but we made a great (clean) meal and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Now, we're heading to a bar/restaurant to get my hubby's favorite dessert. I will NOT be eating any dessert because it's ice cream (dairy), brownies (gluten) and covered in sauces (sugar). I will feel sick for days after and it's just not worth it. I'll be in great company and I'll be perfectly content sipping on my water.

Today, I LIVED a CLEAN, HEALTHY AND FIT LIFE and I'm very content :)

Has clean-living and fitness become part of your lifestyle? What are some little things that you notice and think, "Wow! I sure have changed my lifestyle!"

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