Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 30-30 day challenge complete!

Today is day 30 of my 30 day challenge. It was actually not the best ending to a challenge. Last night really threw me off, mentally, more than I thought. I was upset that I fell off last night. I felt okay when I went to bed but I felt bad that I worked SO HARD my whole challenge and then didn't stick to plan last night. It's not about eating terribly or giving into temptation. Because, that wasn't what happened. It's about knowing that I want to lead a clean, healthy, life. I don't want to eat foods that hurt my body. There are plenty of foods that taste amazing that don't cause inflammation (the root of infection, disease, pain and being uncomfortable), weight gain, un-balanced blood sugar levels, water retention, irregularity, bloating and stomach problems.

I woke up this morning at 9:05. I realized that Barre started at 9:15 and was sure that I was just going to miss the class (I didn't set an alarm because I wanted to sleep in if I could. It's very rare that I sleep in and don't set an alarm). I looked at my husband and said, "You know what, I'm going to go to barre- NOW! I'll get dressed and run there." It only takes 3 mins to get there so I got dressed, grabbed my fizzy stick and water and ran to the studio. Amy was excited to see me because she had a lot of cancellations (the weather was GROSS today). It was myself, two others and our instructor Amy (the manager of the LP-Fit Girl Studio). I hadn't taken barre in about a week and a half. I did an okay job (Amy said that I'm still doing great) but I have lost so much flexibility in such a short amount of time. It made me want to work harder and keep up with my barre classes!

When I got home I had some detox tea and more water. I also made my recovery shake and my detox/cleanse juice (started it later in the day). We had a big brunch at my fave local Jewish Deli with my family and friends for my husband's birthday celebration. I ordered an egg white omelette with mushrooms, onions, spinach and lox. I also had water and a side of fruit. I was pretty stuffed after!

 My husband and I went out to run errands and I talked to Molly while I was out. I realized that I need to stay true to what being clean means to me and my goals. I also realized that I wanted to stay true and help other people stay focused as well.

When I got home I drank my detox tea, cleanse and water. I took a sweet nap and didn't even set an alarm. I didn't wake up until 6:30 lol (my body needed that sleep, I guess). I had a delicious balanced salad and some detox tea when I was done.

I finish my official last day on my 30 day challenge feeling humbled. 

This journey hasn't been about just weight loss. This journey has been about finding a new way of eating. It has been about finding a new outlook on food and listening to my body. I now know that I don't need junk to make me happy and live. I don't need to eat the brownies just because people bring them into work. I don't need to order a drink just because my friends are. When I go to a restaurant and everyone orders dishes that look delicious and are covered with creamy dressings or cheese-- it's okay that I eat my balanced salad with fresh fish or chicken. I don't need it and I'm okay with eating clean.

I hope that my journey has inspired some of you to take a new outlook on food and clean living. My journey has just started and I intend on continuing this lifestyle into the future. I also plan on staying strict on the plan for the remainder of the year and then possibly adding in some dairy (if I REALLY want and if I feel okay after testing it back into my system). Again, for myself, that will be a question of deciding if I REALLY need those types of foods just to make me feel satisfied or happy.  Since I workout so much, I also plan on continuing shakes at LEAST for recovery and most likely for one meal as well.  I LOVE my fizzy sticks and will be ordering more soon.

In the end- I hope that you've looked at my process and seen that YOU can do it too. EVERYONE can change their life. The catch? YOU have to be the one to TRULY WANT to do it! YOU are the only one that can change you. With that said, YOU also have to be HONEST with yourself every single step of the way. When you aren't honest you are truly only hurting yourself. Believe, believe, believe...believe in yourself. I  have a LONG way to go but I've taken the first few LEAPS and will take the rest one step at a time. I believe that I can reach my goals if I continue to do what is best for myself and stay true to myself.

Good luck on your journey and let me know if you have any questions about my Arbonne 30 day challenge!

xoxo Thanks for sharing this part of my story with me...

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