Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 411 on Paleo and MY Paleo Pledge

In January, I'm starting The Paleo Pledge, under the supervision of Kelly (a registered dietician). Kelly runs Paleo Infused and is also a fellow Fit Girl.

I am NOT doing this in place of my Arbonne program. This is NOT a new "fad diet" that I'm trying but rather working in conjunction on another step of my health journey. I have wanted to try Paleo for a while and discussed this idea with my Arbonne mentors (Molly and Jennifer) and with Kelly (from Paleo Infused). While Paleo does typically cut out grains and legumes (meaning that I would cut out my protein shakes because they contain pea protein -peas=legumes), I know that I want to continue my shakes on my journey. With that said, I am going to stick to a version of Paleo (cutting out my other grains) and see how it works for me.

Along this journey, I think back to when Jennifer first told me about how she had been "practicing" this lifestyle for about a year and a half. I've come to a place where I'm constantly learning and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all. I feel content in "practicing" a lifestyle of health and excited to learn more about my health, nutrition and body on this Paleo Pledge in Janaruy.

Here is some information about what a Paleo "diet"/program is and what The Paleo Pledge is (from The Pledges start at the beginning of each month and is $30 (if you reigster by the 20th of the month-$50 thereafter).

Hope to see some of you on my journey!
*Note: the Pledge can be done from anywhere- you do not need to reside in Chicago :)

What Does Paleo Infused Nutrition Mean?
Paleo: Paleo comes from the word paleolithic, which in brief means ancestral and prehistoric.
Infused: Infused means to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better.
Nutrition: Nutrition is the bounty of our health and describes the entity of Paleo Infused Nutrition.
Paleo Infused Nutrition:
Put it all together and therein lies the foundation of my company – educating clients on how to achieve optimal health based on eating in accordance with historical human nutrition (reprogramming our epigenetics) and overcoming today’s social pressures and the food industry (conventional wisdom) and reaching personal health goals. We have a rich cuisine, as this is great within itself, but we are out of touch of our roots. With conflicting health and nutrition advice in the media and in varying health professionals, I ensure to simplify my counseling so it makes complete sense and it hard to forget.
Paleo Infused Nutrition is focused on helping others, including the average person looking for improved health and those who have been diagnosed with a medical condition, to change their lifestyle, leading to a long and positive quality of life, season after season.
There are two main guidelines to my Paleo Infused Nutrition lifestyle:
  1. eat whole, nutrient-dense food
  2. reduce/avoid processed, refined foods – grains (including “whole grains”), legumes, pasteurized dairy and sugar.
Usually the biggest red flag in the above guidelines are the avoidance of grains. While I do not intend to strip all grains from one’s diet, I will help my clients understand a new perspective on these industrialized foods. And with grain’s modest nutrition profile, their propensity to trigger food intolerances (gluten and grains), carbohydrate cravings, addictions, binges and their limited serving of fiber, it is hard for me to suggest grains to be part of someone’s every meal or snack.
While the above guidelines are simple in script, they take adjustments to apply. That is what I am here for – to help coach you, educate you, empower you to be your best, eat your best and feel your best.

Paleo Infused Nutrition Pledge
Do you feel like you have tried everything to shed those lingering stubborn pounds? Or are you frustrated with a sensitive digestive system? How about your blood sugar? Do you get irritable when it’s been 2-3 hours without eating? Perhaps you too have diabetes and want to improve your A1C. Or are you trying to conceive and it’s been taking longer than desired? Do you fight sugar and carbohydrate cravings daily? Perhaps you have been eating a primal diet for awhile, but some neolithic foods have been showing up more than you want.
If you have said yes to any of the above, perhaps a Paleo Infused Nutrition Pledge is what you need. Starting the first of every month, join a small community-based team to reach your health goals and pledge to eat clean.
Overall, this is a commitment you make to yourself and RD, Kelly Schmidt, with set health and diet-related objectives.
  • RD will help coach you to eat foods clean of sugar, gluten, lectins and processed foods for 4 weeks.
  • RD will provide nutrition guidelines for the pledge
  • Provide daily motivation and tips
  • Support via a team forum with other people on a similar journey
  • Q&A sessions
  • Meal plan guidance.
This is a great way to reprogram your epigenetics, strengthen your immune system, detox naturally and optimize your body composition. Most clients find this is a great way to get them back on track and incorporate new healthy habits.
Expectations during this 4 week program include:
Better sleep, decreased inflammation, better (performance) recovery, diminished anxiety, weight loss, higher energy, increased fertility, better blood sugar control, better digestion and more. This program can help educate you on how to amend your lifestyle to be your best person now and beyond the 28 days of the pledge.
Depending on where you are coming from, you can choose to do one of the follow plans:
  • Basic
  • Weight loss
  • Auto-immune protocol
  • Digestive health protocol
  • Performance
Kelly’s mission is to inspire and motivate you to find your own healthy balance through proper nutrition leaving you to feel empowered to embrace all that life has to offer. Please select which plan is ideal for you and contact Kelly at A $20 discount is implemented for those who sign-up by the 20th of each month. List price is $50.

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