Saturday, December 29, 2012

The art of food a fit girl.

Just as you, my fellow fit girls (and guys), have joined me on my journey of nutrition, fitness, health and happiness- my family has too! I come from a pretty health conscious and active family. Some family members (sister, dad and mom) even have/have had jobs in health and fitness .

On the first day of our annual winter family cruise, I started taking pictures of my food at dinner. My cousins (@jxram & @sb_weinstein ) jokingly called out , "eat clean ! 'hashtag fit fam ! oh yeah! ... And by the way, you should really reconsider taking better pictures of your food, Fit Girl!" I looked puzzled and immediately said, " yeah, they're not always the best..." My cousins both chimed in(each known to take pictures of their food at any dining establishment.) with, "that's for sure!" My response, "well... The lunch ones are the worst because they're in a Tupperware and.." "... And they're too close." The conversation continued and I learned that not only are the pictures too close, my recipes make people NOT want to try them and some "make dog food look more appealing." Awesome! Whatever ego I had had just been crushed. Maybe cousins don't put things so nicely -haha. I spent the rest of the trip learning how to angle my camera, add garnish and get "the best shot."

So, for the days and weeks to come- lookout for better pictures alongside my posts ;) !

... Always in progress!

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