Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boyband Spin w/ Sarah!

 Photo: Every girl deserves a lil boy band in her life. Come get your fill in #spin tomorrow night in LP with Sarah at 6:30p.
About two month ago, when I started at Fit Girl Studio, I was mentioning to Sarah (a spin instructor at Fit Girl) that I ALWAYS sing along to the songs in class. She laughed and said that we should do a singalong spin (or as Sarah calls it- Spin-a-aroke). She asked me if I had any ideas for themes. I said immediately said, "Boyband Spin!" I also came up with pop spin, holiday spin and decades spin.

Well, ladies and gentlemen...tonight... we Sarah gifted us with a fabulous holiday gift: Boyband Spin!

We jumped, sprinted, jogged and peddled our way through:
Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees
One Direction
...and more!

The toughest part of class:
-During the song, "I Want It That Way" we were doing a climb and Sarah had us turn up the resistance every time they sang, "Tell me why!" Did you ever realize that they say it like 9 times in the middle of the song?! OMG! BURN!

Things that made me feel old:
1. Sarah saying that she didn't really know many NKOTB songs.
2. When Sarah mentioned that she remembered the song, "Bye, Bye, Bye!" by the music video where they were all dolls-- in my head I corrected her, "No, that was 'No String Attached.' This is the 'dance' song." Yeah, I was an N*Sync fan for sure! But, I was a bit older than 3rd grade (boo!)

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