Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 22- Arbonne 30 day challenge

Day 22
8 days to go
down 9 lbs!! The scale moved today!

 Today I woke up really late. I had a late night last night after a birthday party and just staying up and cleaning the house and watching tv last night (fun, I know). I didn't eat my first meal until 12:30 p.m. oops. I knew that I wouldn't get all of my meals in so I text Molly and we decided to do 3 meals instead of the 4 and see how I feel. Even with that, I couldn't get all my meals spaced out perfectly. I was starving after class, so I had a shake then. Listening to my body :)

 Eating Plan:
12:30 p.m.- Omelette (delicious! I'll post the recipe below) and side salad
3:30 p.m.- Balanced shake (protein, spinach, berries, almonds and fiber).
----I also had a cup of alkaline broth, detox tea and am sipping on my detox juice.
6:30 p.m.- Salad out at The Counter. I had mixed greens, avocado, 5 oz of grilled chicken and lots of grilled veggies (with lots of oil, so no evoo on top): mushrooms, onions, peppers and pineapple!
---I'm still finishing my detox juice. If I'm planning on being up super late again, I'll eat something in a little bit if I feel like I need to.

I'm feeling really good. I'm trying to listen to my body a bit more and get sleep if I need it. Today, I woke up in time for spin. I got dressed and for some reason, my Fit Girl Studio app showed that the class was fully booked and that I couldn't sign up. I didn't go to class. I ended up going this afternoon to Ballet Body Bootcamp and it ends up that I was registered! I was SO upset because I LOVE SpinShred and taking Liz's classes! I felt really bad. Oh well. I'll take SpinShred tomorrow!

Veggie/Apple Omelette

apples (I would've used granny smith if I had it)
pine nuts
white truffle oil
egg whites

Heat up white truffle oil in a small pan
Sautee all veggies together until apples and broccoli are tender
Pour eggwhites in the pan
Fold and flip until fully cooked
Top with avocado and pepper

This was DELICIOUS. I love eating clean and exploring new recipes and food combinations. I also made my husband a turkey and cheese omelette after. I did have a little urge to take a bite or add cheese to mine (that's how I always had my egg white omelettes before). But, I stuck to the plan and enjoyed my own!

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